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Pro Tips For Drivers

Pro Tips For Drivers

GoShare was built to make it easy for truck and van owners to earn money by movinghauling, and delivering cargo for people and businesses in their community. We want our delivery professionals to have a great experience every time you use GoShare. Whether you are new to GoShare or a regular user, we hope these pro tips will help you get the most value and maximize your earnings when you use our service. Following these guidelines will help you earn a 5 star reviews from all of our customers.

1. Be Helpful

Your primary role as a GoShare delivery professional is to help our customers load and move their cargo. You should always offer to give the customer a helping hand to load and unload their cargo. If an item requires more than one person to load, the customer will help you. If a customer requests two delivery professionals you will be partnered with another GoShare delivery professional. You and the other delivery professional will be responsible for loading and unloading together.

2. Earn More Money

With GoShare’s new driver marketing program, every driver is given a unique GoShare promo code. You can easily share your GoShare promo code via social media, text, email or on your personal business cards and truck magnets. When a customer uses your GoShare promo code they will save 5% on their first delivery and you will receive their request first. You will have one minute to accept the request before it goes out to our team of drivers. You can find your promo code in the driver app by hitting the Invite Friends button on the menu. You can also find your GoShare promo code by logging into your account on our website. Through our new partnership with VistaPrint you can now order GoShare business cards and truck magnets customized with your name and promo code by clicking here.
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3. Be Respectful

We believe that our delivery professionals, our customers, and their cargo deserve to be treated with respect at all times. Our customers are trusting you with their precious cargo. Damaging an item that you are carrying will lead to a poor experience for both parties. You are responsible for delivering each piece of cargo in the same condition that you received it in. Make sure to use ratchet straps, moving blankets, furniture dolly, tarps and any other tools at your disposal to protect the customers cargo from being damaged.

Ratchet Straps

4. Maintain Your Vehicle

Keeping your truck or van running is the key to your success with GoShare. Maintaining your vehicle in great mechanical shape will ensure that you stay on the road longer and earn more money. We suggest that you follow your vehicle’s maintenance guidelines to keep your vehicle running well. Regular oil changes, tire rotations, and replacing filters are just a few of the ways that you can keep you vehicle running strong. Keeping your cargo area clear of clutter is also important. Customers don’t want their cargo being transported in a dirty truck or van. Try to remove large items like tool boxes from your vehicle before you go to a job whenever possible.

5. Be Prepared

Preparation is key when it comes to moving and delivering items for customers. There are the basics you should always have on hand, such as ratchet straps, furniture dolly and moving blankets. However, factors ranging from weather, parking, to the item itself make each delivery unique. To ensure that you’re ready for any situation, we recommend carrying the following items with you:

  • Safety cones
  • Tarps
  • Bungee cords
  • Screwdrivers (Phillips and Slotted)
  • Painter’s tape (used to hold drawers in place during transport)
  • Tarp or Visqueen plastic (to protect items during inclement weather)
  • Spare change for parking meters
  • Sign with your phone number (in case you’re away from your vehicle helping the customer and it needs to be moved)

6. Be on Time

When you show up on time you instantly make the customer happy. If you show up late, you are automatically in a hole and will need to dig yourself out. If you accept a delivery request in the future make sure to add the appointment to your phone’s calendar right away and set a reminder so you don’t miss the appointment. If being late to a pickup is unavoidable you should always call the customer and let them know as soon as possible so that they can plan their day. If you are going to be an hour late or more you should hit the cancel button on your phone which will resend the project to our team of delivery professionals. Being late too many times is a dealbreaker.

7. Inspect the Cargo

Before you start a project, remember to inspect the cargo before you load it onto your vehicle. You should take a few pictures of the items to protect yourself from any damage claims. When inspecting the cargo, look for damage and prohibited items such as weapons, drugs or money. If you see any damage point it out to the customer and/or take a picture. If you see a prohibited item, don’t be shy about telling the customer that you are unable to deliver that item. You can hit the cancel button in the app if you are unable to complete the delivery.

8. Be Safe

Safety for everyone in the GoShare community should always be in mind. Inclement weather, extremely heavy cargo, and unsafe loading environments can create a risky situation where you could damage the customer’s cargo, property, your vehicle, and/or yourself. If you do not feel comfortable during a delivery we encourage you to communicate that with the customer and try to get them to reschedule. Most customers will understand that it is in everyone’s best interest to keep all people and items safe and will work with you and GoShare customer service to reschedule for another time. Learn more about how to avoid injuries while moving heavy items.

9. Look Professional

We know that our customers will respect drivers who look professional. You should maintain a clean and professional look at all times when you are working. GoShare T-shirts are available. As a delivery professional you should always maintain a positive attitude throughout the entire delivery experience. Avoid arguing with customers. Instead you should try to help them solve whatever problem they are having.  If you can’t find a solution contact GoShare for help.

10. Act Professional

We have a zero tolerance policy related to sexual harassment. Avoid any conduct, speech or actions that may be considered sexual harassment. Flirting, catcalling and unwanted sexual advances towards customers will result in permanent removal from GoShare.

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Do you have a pro tip to share with other drivers? Contact us and let us know.