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Actions That Can Cause A Delivery Professional To Be Removed From Our Platform

1. Three customer complaints over a rolling 12 month period. Examples include but are not limited to: Being late to a project, not showing up to a project you accepted, damaging an item, insulting/disrespecting a customer.

2. An average customer feedback score of less than 4.0 out of 5.0

3. Being abusive or disrespectful to our customer support team.

4. Manipulating the price in any way that would cause a customer to pay more than they should have paid.

5. Failure to report an accident.

6. Writing negative, false or misleading reviews or comments online. If you have any issues contact us directly and privately by clicking the following link and we will help you resolve your issue. Contact Us Here.

7. More than two chargebacks over a rolling twelve month period from customers. (this is when a customer calls their credit card company to dispute charges on their card).

8. Violating any terms of the Terms of Service or Delivery Professionals agreement

9. Any illegal activities.

10. Three cancellations within a 30 day time period. Delivery professional cancellation policy.

11. Allowing customers to ride in your vehicle.

12. Making inaccurate, false, or misleading claims about GoShare in an attempt to take legal action against the company.

13. Sexual harassment, catcalling, unwanted sexual advances.

14. Sending information about GoShare Projects, GoShare customers or any private GoShare data to anyone who is not an active GoShare Delivery Professional authorized to complete the Project or a GoShare employee.

15. Driving or working while impaired. Delivery professionals cannot work or drive during a GoShare project drive when under the influence of any drug, alcohol, or controlled substance that could impair your driving or working ability. Delivery professionals should also not attempt to drive or work when their ability to do so has been impaired by illness, fatigue, injury, or other physical, mental, or medical conditions. Working or driving during a GoShare project while impaired is dangerous, unprofessional, and can lead to your immediate deactivation from the platform.

16. Distracted driving is not permissible on the GoShare platform. Drivers are not to be accompanied by any other persons, other than a GoShare employee or a vetted contractor through the platform while operating the vehicle during a GoShare Project. All drivers must utilize a hands-free device or bluetooth technology when using a mobile phone while driving or pull off the road to a safe area if they do not have a hands-free device or bluetooth technology. Drivers are not permitted to use headphones while driving.

Additional Policies and Terms

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