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Use a Ramp for Easier Loading and Unloading

Using a ramp can make loading and unloading easier when a loading dock is unavailable. Pairing a ramp with a dolly can help delivery pros load and unload heavy items including appliances. Read instructions completely and always make sure the ramp is safely secured before attempting to move your load.


Vestil AWR-38-8A Aluminum Walk Ramp Overlap Style


This overlapping style of ramp rests on the truck bed. It is lightweight and easy to set up. Features a non-skid tred surface.


Magliner Apron Ramp, 14 ft


Strong, but lightweight. This ramp has a load capacity of 1,600 lbs.


Aluminum Box Truck Walk Ramp 14′ 1700 lb Capacity


Heavy-duty 14-foot portable aluminum walk ramp, ideal for box trucks.




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