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About GoShare

Our mission is to organize the world’s trucks to make them more accessible and useful.

Our vision is to create the largest network of trucks in the world.

We believe that that sharing economy can help create a more equitable, sustainable and friendly world. GoShare Delivery Professionals are independent contractors who earn money using their own vehicles, providing excellent service and lending a helping hand to people in their communities. GoShare provides intuitive mobile apps and other software tools to make it easier for Delivery Professions to get the job done. All GoShare delivery professionals must pass a background check and a vehicle inspection before joining our network. GoShare is licensed by the Department of Transportation, bonded and carries a robust set of insurance policies in case of an accident. DOT #3222813. GoShare is Your Friend with a Truck.™



We are lead by a group of experienced and resilient business executives including CEO Shaun Savage and backed by astute investors.

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Please don’t modify GoShare’s marks or use them in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by GoShare, or in a way that confuses GoShare with another brand (including your own). If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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