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Ready to book with GoShare, but not sure which vehicle to choose?

GoShare allows you to select from four different vehicle sizes, depending on your needs. Picking the correct vehicle is important. Larger vehicles have a higher rate. However, if you select a vehicle that is too small for your job, it may require multiple trips, and you’ll end up spending more than your estimate. Use the information on this page to pick the correct vehicle size for your project.

You will see all options in most markets. In some markets, box trucks and/or cargo vans are unavailable.



Courier projects are picked up by drivers in passenger vehicles. To select this option, your load should be able to fit comfortably inside a small passenger sedan. We are unable to strap any items to the roofs of courier vehicles. For larger items, please select a truck or van.

Pickup Truck


Pickup trucks have a bed length of 5 ft – 7.5 ft and a bed width of 4.5 ft – 5.5 ft. They are ideal for moving small pieces of furniture, small appliances, boxes, and big-screen televisions.

Cargo Van


Cargo Vans typically have a bed length between 10 and 14 ft. Cargo vans provide the additional benefit of having an enclosed cargo space, protecting your items against the weather. Cargo vans are ideal for large pieces of furniture or moves that involve many boxes, which can be stacked in the van’s interior. Cargo vans can also be used for a single pallet.

Box Truck


The box truck is the largest vehicle on GoShare’s platform. Box trucks typically range between 12 – 26 ft. Box trucks are ideal for apartment moves, pallets, or multiple pieces of large furniture.

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