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Case Study: Enhancing Delivery Efficiency for a Fortune 200 Retailer with GoShare

Client Overview

A leading Fortune 200 retailer, renowned for its extensive network of retail stores and a large customer base, faced challenges in managing inter-store transfers and last mile delivery to customers’ homes. To streamline these operations, they sought a scalable, reliable, and efficient delivery solution.

The Challenge

The retailer required a flexible delivery system that could:

  • Integrate seamlessly with their existing Transportation Management System (TMS).
  • Scale delivery capacity up during peak seasons and down during slower periods.
  • Maintain high standards for on-time deliveries and minimize damage claims.
  • Ensure accurate and efficient billing processes.
The Solution

GoShare emerged as the ideal partner, offering a robust API integration with the retailer’s TMS. This allowed for seamless communication and coordination, ensuring efficient management of delivery operations. The collaboration began in one market and expanded to 65 markets nationwide.

Key Metrics and Achievements

Delivery Performance:

  • Over 50,000 Deliveries Completed: Demonstrating the capability to handle large volumes efficiently.
  • Damage Claim Rate Less Than 0.01%: Ensuring that goods arrive in perfect condition, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • 97% On-Time Deliveries: Meeting stringent delivery deadlines and reducing customer wait times.


  • Expansion to 65 Markets Nationwide: Starting with a single market, GoShare successfully scaled its services to meet the retailer’s growing needs.
  • Flexible Capacity Management: Supplementing the retailer’s internal fleet, GoShare provided the ability to adjust delivery capacity in response to seasonal demand fluctuations.
  • Vehicle Variety: With access to over 30,000 trucks, vans & cars nationwide, it is easy to find the best vehicle and driver considering the order details.

Operational Excellence:

  • Retail Distribution Centers: Utilizing their brick-and-mortar stores as mini distribution centers, the retailer could optimize their last-mile delivery operations. This ship from store approach not only reduced delivery times but also leveraged existing store infrastructure to enhance efficiency.
  • Streamlined billing processes ensured accurate and timely invoicing, reducing administrative burdens.
  • Damage Claim: In rare cases of accidental damage, the process was easy, efficient and fast reducing administrative costs.
  • The system automatically handles exceptions and removes tedious tasks to save administrative time.
Client Testimonial

“We chose GoShare because of their variety of different vehicles,” said Lucy, Operations Manager. “Their fleet is exactly what we are looking for. We’re excited to see how they expand to assist in servicing our thousands of stores.”


The integration of GoShare with the Fortune 200 retailer’s delivery operations has significantly enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. The flexibility, reliability, and scalability offered by GoShare have proven invaluable in managing both inter-store transfers and last mile deliveries. This partnership highlights GoShare’s ability to adapt to complex logistics requirements, making it a trusted partner for large-scale retail operations. If your business is looking for a reliable delivery solution contact us today.