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Case Study: GoShare Transforms Last Mile Delivery for Fortune 100 Retailer

Client Overview

A leading Fortune 100 retailer sought an efficient solution for the last mile delivery of big and bulky goods from their stores to customers’ homes. The goal was to offer a seamless same day delivery service without the need for complex IT integrations. By utilizing GoShare’s low-touch Referral Model, the retailer has significantly enhanced their delivery capabilities without requiring IT involvement or complex integrations.

The Challenge

The retailer faced challenges in offering efficient, same day delivery services for large items from their stores to customers’ homes. They needed a solution that was easy to implement, scalable, and capable of providing a superior customer experience.

The Solution

GoShare provided the perfect solution with its user-friendly mobile apps and extensive network of delivery professionals. Customers of the retailer simply download the GoShare app, schedule a pickup, and receive their items the same day.

Key Metrics and Achievements

Volume of Deliveries:

  • GoShare has successfully completed over 30,000 deliveries for the retailer, demonstrating the reliability and scalability of the service.

Exceptional Quality:

  • Customer Satisfaction: An average customer review score of 4.9 out of 5 stars, reflecting high levels of customer satisfaction and service quality.
  • Damage Claim Rate: Less than 0.01%, ensuring that goods arrive in excellent condition.
  • On-Time Deliveries: 98%, highlighting the efficiency and reliability of the delivery network.

Scalability and Support:

  • Starting from a single market, GoShare’s service has expanded to over 547 locations nationwide, showcasing its ability to grow alongside the retailer’s needs.
  • Customer Support: GoShare handles all interactions with the retailer’s customer, from booking to order tracking, payment processing and disputes resolution allowing the retailer to focus on their business.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Retail Distribution Centers: Utilizing their brick-and-mortar stores as mini distribution centers, the retailer could optimize their last-mile delivery operations. This approach not only reduced delivery times but also leveraged existing store infrastructure to enhance efficiency. This was done without any IT involvement or integrations, turning their stores into effective fulfillment centers.
  • Streamlined booking processes ensured accurate and timely booking, without store employee involvement reducing administrative burdens.
Client Testimonial

Lindsey, Sr. Store Operations Manager, shared her positive experience with GoShare:
“We really like GoShare’s pricing and reporting capabilities. The feedback from our customers has been positive.”

“GoShare was such a great experience. I was out shopping at *Fortune 100 retailer* for my new home and I ended up picking out large pieces of furniture that were already put together and had no room to fit them in my SUV. I downloaded the GoShare app while shopping in the store, quickly created an account and set up an appointment in a matter of minutes. The gentleman quickly arrived to pick up my furniture and deliver the pieces back to my house all while I went on shopping at other stores. He was professional, friendly, handled my items with great care and I will definitely be using this service again in the future.” said Laura, a customer of the Fortune 100 retailer.


GoShare’s innovative approach and robust delivery network have provided the retailer with a seamless, efficient, and customer-centric last mile delivery solution. By leveraging GoShare, the retailer has been able to enhance their service offerings, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve operational excellence without the need for IT support.

This partnership highlights GoShare’s ability to adapt and scale, making it an ideal solution for retailers looking to improve their last mile delivery services for big and bulky goods. If your business is looking for a reliable delivery solution contact us today.