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Every year, customers expect faster delivery. And, that pressure to provide delivery at even greater speed will continue to grow. In order to retain consumers and fend off digital competitors, brick and mortar retailers both small and large must be able to provide on-demand, same day delivery options to their consumers that are convenient and affordable. At GoShare we provide quick, affordable solutions for businesses everywhere to adapt to the increased pressure to provide on-demand delivery services.

Your Customers are Changing are You Ready to Change with them?

People that think 3-4 day delivery is fast

Source: Deloitte Consumer Study 2017 and 2018

Fleet Costs

Creating your own delivery fleet is expensive! Costs include vehicle purchase and maintenance, delivery pro salaries, insurance, and vehicle storage/parking. Purchasing a cargo van and employing even one driver will cost $120,000 annually. A fleet of vehicles could easily cost over half a million dollars.*

One Full-Time Delivery Pro

Estimated Over


Four Full-Time Delivery Pros

Estimated Over


GoShare’s Virtual Fleet

No Cost to Retailer

*Estimated first year cost based on national average vehicle purchase and maintenance costs, delivery salaries, mileage, and fuel.

Don’t Go It Alone

Companies that aren’t able to provide swift services will find their customers swiftly moving to other competitors. But, the cost of investing in a fleet of delivery vehicles can be prohibitive, and most traditional logistics providers aren’t flexible or fast enough to provide on-demand services. GoShare’s proprietary technology connects you and your customers in real-time with thousands of delivery pros. All pros are licensed, background checked, and covered by GoShare’s extensive cargo and liability policy. They can arrive in under an hour to provide same-day, on-demand delivery for less than a traditional carrier would charge for a multi-day service.

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