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Case Study: Fleet Maintenance Company Benefits from GoShare’s Last Mile Delivery Solution

Client Overview

Managed Mobile is a leading fleet maintenance company with operations across California, Nevada, and Texas. The company provides comprehensive fleet management services, including on-site maintenance and repairs, ensuring that their clients’ vehicles remain operational and efficient.

The Challenge

To maintain high levels of service, Managed Mobile requires a reliable and efficient method to deliver automotive parts from dealers directly to their technicians in the field. Traditional delivery methods often led to delays, increased costs, and reduced technician productivity as they had to leave job sites to pick up parts.

The Solution

Managed Mobile partnered with GoShare, utilizing GoShare’s website and mobile apps schedule same day pickups and deliveries. GoShare’s on demand delivery solution allowed technicians to stay on-site while GoShare handled the logistics of automotive part delivery, saving their clients money and getting their vehicles up and running faster.


The partnership involved GoShare managing deliveries from 38 locations across key markets including Las Vegas, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Sacramento. Over the course of six years, GoShare has completed more than 12,000 deliveries for Managed Mobile.

Key Metrics and Achievements
  • Efficiency and Productivity: Technicians remain on-site, focusing on repairs rather than part pickups. This improvement significantly boosts productivity and reduces downtime.
  • Cost Savings: Managed Mobile and their clients save money by avoiding the costs associated with technician travel and lost labor hours.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The average customer review score for these deliveries is a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, highlighting the high level of service and reliability provided by GoShare.
  • Rapid Response: Deliveries are typically assigned to a driver within 10 minutes of booking, ensuring quick and efficient service.
Client Testimonial

According to Josh, the Logistics Manager at Managed Mobile, “The ease of setting up each delivery is great. It is very easy to just input my addresses, a few notes, and then go from there. That part is fantastic. We book it that way and within maybe 10 minutes we usually get a driver to pick it up.”


The partnership between Managed Mobile and GoShare demonstrates the significant benefits of an efficient, reliable last mile delivery solution for field technicians. By leveraging GoShare’s services, Managed Mobile has enhanced its operational efficiency, saved costs, and provided exceptional service to its clients. This successful collaboration underscores GoShare’s capability to deliver tailored logistics solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. If your business is looking for a reliable delivery solution contact us today.

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