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GoShare's transportation software finds the projects and handles the billing

Do you have your own independent moving or delivery business? Then you might know the hardest part of your job isn't actually doing the job. It's all the overhead work that comes with it. This includes finding projects, billing customers, and handling customer service concerns. GoShare's software is the ideal solution for independent moving and delivery professionals. GoShare partners with businesses to connect them with local delivery professionals for last mile and middle mile delivery projects. GoShare will handle the billing and deposit the money directly into your account. Plus, you get the full support of GoShare's customer service team. In order to use GoShare's app to connect with local businesses, you must be able to pass a vehicle inspection and background check. To learn more, visit our driver page, here .

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Flexible Hours

As an independent contractor, you can work when you want, however often you want. Pick only the projects that work for your schedule.

Weekly Pay

No long waiting periods to get your hard-earned money. GoShare bills the customer on your behalf and deposits the money directly into your account. The average payout is less than a week.

We Handle the Details

From cargo insurance to customer billing, GoShare handles the details so you can focus on what you do best, moving and delivery gigs!

You're Covered

All projects booked through the GoShare platform are covered by our extensive cargo and liability insurance policies.

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GoShare strongly suggests that all delivery pros have ratcheting straps and moving blankets to protect and secure their cargo. Some jobs require additional special equipment. Consider investing in a furniture, appliance or moving dolly to be eligible for more projects. A regular hand truck dolly is the most commonly requested piece of extra equipment.

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Rules & Requirements

All Delivery Pros using GoShare are background checked and held to a high standard of professionalism. Violating any of the rules laid out in the terms of service or driver orientation course may be grounds for suspension or even termination of your account.

It’s important not to let the bad actions of a few results in a damaged reputation that affects the future project availability for all. Please review the rules on a regular basis to make sure your driver score remains high.

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