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Meet the Cargo Van – Facts About This Versatile Delivery Vehicle You Didn’t Know

The cargo van, or full-size van, may not be the sexiest vehicle on the road, but they are the unsung heroes on the delivery world. Far more powerful than your mom’s minivan, cargo vans have load capacities similar to pickup trucks with similar towing capacity.

Here are a few facts you never knew about this versatile, but often overlooked vehicle:

Cargo Vans Have Serious Load Capacity
Just like pickup trucks, cargo vans can be purchased with half-ton, three-quarter ton, and one-ton options. This means commercial cargo vans can take on maximum loads of 2,000 lbs. That’s equal to the weight of four pianos, or a compact car! Furniture movers love cargo vans for their capacity and protection from the elements. 

They Are Towing Machines
Towing capacity for cargo vans can go up to 10,000 lbs. With a 10,000lb limit, that means cargo vans like the Chevrolet Express can tow a five-ton equipment trailer.

Cargo Vans Are All-Weather Delivery Vehicles
Need to move a loveseat… in the rain? Then the standard pickup truck probably isn’t your best option. A cargo van can move that loveseat and keep it nice and dry.

They Hold Their Value
Full-size, cargo vans have some of the strongest residual values in the vehicle market. In 2014, when the used vehicle market saw a 12.4% dip, the full-size van category was the only category to see an increase in residual value.

Cargo vans have rightfully earned their place in the moving and delivery marketplace. They are powerful moving and hauling machines that offer all-weather protection. Consider hiring a cargo van for your next moving and hauling job with GoShare to check out the versatility of these vehicles for yourself. All GoShare professionals are licensed, insured and have passed background checks.

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