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How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture

A great profile picture allows customers to easily recognize you as a GoShare Delivery Professional and helps establish trust. Having a profile picture can also lead to higher ratings and tips after you complete a project. Not having a profile can make the customer feel uncomfortable and increases the odds that they will cancel.  Follow these steps to take the perfect profile photo:

1. Hold your phone vertically
2. Stand in front of a plain background with good lighting
3. Remove items that may obscure your face such as hats or sunglasses
4. Keep your shoulders and top of your head in the frame
5. Smile and take your photo (you can get a friend to help take your photo if you don’t want to take a selfie)
6. Open the GoShare Driver app, select “Profile” from the menu
7. Choose your photo, then click “Update” at the bottom to save your new profile picture