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How To Get A Mattress Delivered From Costco

How To Get A Mattress Delivered From Costco

I love going to Costco for the free samples, delicious pizza, and great prices on just about everything. Walking around the warehouse you might come across an awesome new TV, a fancy five-speed blender, or an over-sized bag of Doritos. There is always at least one random thing I see and automatically think “I love this… but how would I even get this home?” My little Nissan Versa can just barely handle the Dorito bag and blender, so when I wanted to buy a new mattress that I saw, I had to pass up the great deal at first because I had no way to take it home. Later that night I was searching for the mattress online and not only was it more expensive but I would still have to wait about a week for it to ship to my apartment. So I decided to skip buying it online.

The next time I was at Costco I had my eye on the mattress because it was such a great deal but Costco does not usually offer delivery (or so I thought). I started looking through my phone to find a friend with a truck. I remembered that my friend Chris has a truck but he was out of town so that option was out the window. Next I looked into renting a u-Haul, which was a scary option for me. Driving one of their huge trucks by myself would be an absolute nightmare, plus no one was available to help me carry the mattress upstairs.

Luckily when I went back to the same Costco a few weeks later I came across GoShare. I found out that they have partnered with Costco for same day delivery. The process was extremely simple, all I had to do was download the app on my phone and input the pickup and drop off address. It gave me the options to choose what kind of truck or van I needed (I chose the small pickup truck). Then I could select one or two delivery professionals to help carry it into my apartment. The app asks for a picture and description of the item. Before I submitted my order I was able to get a price estimate which was between $39.99 and $49.99 which is about the same cost as a Uhaul and the guys helped me load and unoad. Within minutes, I had a GoShare driver accept my request and he met me at the store within 30 minutes.

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The price came in just under $40 and the driver was kind enough to help set-up the mattress it my room for me. The experience was fast and easy. I wish I knew about it before I went through the trouble of searching for other options. The best part about it was that GoShare was available for me exactly when I needed it. I will definitely be using it next time I feel like impulse shopping at Costco and see something that won’t fit in my Versa (like the 8’ Wavestorm surfboard)!