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Exciting Announcement: GoShare Partners with Delivery Solutions to Offer Seamless Same-Day Delivery for Retailers

Today, we are thrilled to announce GoShare’s strategic partnership with the leading Omnichannel Experience Management Platform, Delivery Solutions (a UPS Company). This innovative collaboration emphasizes our commitment to assist retailers in delivering big, bulky goods to their customers on the same day with a seamless, hassle-free experience.

What does this mean for Retailers?
With Delivery Solutions, GoShare expands opportunities and optimizes the delivery process for our retail partners like never before. Delivery Solutions is respected industry-wide for its platform that enables deliveries as unique as your customers. Imagine having the ability to offer fast, same-day delivery of big and bulky items to your customers. Yes, it’s possible, and it gets better!

Delivering the Benefits
This partnership firmly merges the strengths of GoShare’s efficient delivery services and national network of delivery professionals with the Omnichannel Experience Management of Delivery Solutions. Retailers can now manage all Delivery-related functions efficiently from one single platform. It’s no secret that in our fast-paced digital era, consumers crave instant solutions and added convenience. This collaboration provides just that.

Power in Unification
Trust and efficiency set the standard for any retail delivery experience. Pioneering brands choose platforms that provide a unified retail experience. Our partnership reinforces fluid fulfillment regardless of whether you need curbside pickup, shipping, same-day delivery, or any other specified solution.

Seamless Orchestration
Tap into seamless orchestration into any existing technology stack. Turn on new channels and eliminate efficiency gaps with a single management point.

Leverage on AI and ML
AI and ML are revolutionizing industries worldwide. Learn from the aggregated data across all our platform and apply these benefits immediately.

Increase Customer Reach
More consumer options equal more touch-points. Our unified platform learns and evolves from these interactions. The result? You can deliver better and exceed your customers’ expectations.

We at GoShare are tremendously excited to usher in this new era of improved delivery services with Delivery Solutions. Watch your customer satisfaction rates soar and operations streamline like never before. Get your consumer experience in motion today with us. Contact us now to learn more about this exciting partnership, and let’s work together on creating exceptional delivery experiences.