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Seattle Independent Contractor Protections Ordinance

Notice of Rights


Independent Contractors have the right to

  • Receive a written notice that identifies the proposed terms and conditions of work and the terms and conditions of payment before starting work.
  • Receive timely payment in accordance with the terms and conditions of the pre-work written notice or contract.
  • If left unspecified, then receive payment within 30 days after the completion of services under the contract.
  • Receive a written notice that gives specific itemized payment information each time that payment is made.

Who is covered?

Self-Employed Independent Contractors who:

  1. have no employees,
  2. perform any part of their work in Seattle for a commercial hiring entity,
  3. will receive or may reasonably expect to receive at least $600 in total compensation from the hiring entity between January 1 and December 31 in a given year.

Know your worker rights:

Retaliation Is Prohibited: These laws protect workers from retaliation for enjoying or exercising these rights.
Right To File A Complaint: Workers have a right to make a complaint with Office of Labor Standards (OLS) or file a lawsuit if a hiring entity violates these laws.
Employment Rights: If you believe you are an employee, rather than an independent contractor, OLS may be able to assist you.

As an employee, you may have rights to paid sick leave, minimum wage, overtime, and paid meal and rest breaks. Please review the Worker Classification Guide before contacting OLS with further questions.

Exercising your rights under the ICP ordinance will not affect any rights a worker might have as an employee.


  • Hiring entities must provide this notice to independent contractors in English and the worker’s primary language in hard copy or electronic format that is accessible prior to beginning work.
  • OLS provides translations, interpretations, and accommodations for people with disabilities.

Contact Office of Labor Standards

Independent Contractors: File a complaint with OLS or file a lawsuit in court.

Hiting Entities: Obtain compliance assistance and/or receive training.

Seattle Office of Labor Standards


810 Third Ave, Suite 375 Seattle, WA 98104

Hours: 8 AM–5 PM (Mon–Fri)

Translations of Rights