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How We're Changing Middle Mile Delivery

GoShare’s on-demand app is bringing new flexibility and efficiency to the middle mile delivery and transportation service industry. Businesses looking for middle mile service providers can leverage GoShare’s network of thousands of delivery professionals. This virtual fleet is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice for on-demand projects and hotshot jobs. A delivery professional with a pickup truck, cargo van, or box truck can arrive within 30 minutes. GoShare’s nimble virtual fleet is the ideal solution for LTL (less than load) projects, drayage, and short hauls. Projects can be booked for up to 1,000 miles between pickup and dropoff points. This innovative new way to mobilize middle mile delivery professionals quickly and efficiently is changing the industry.

79 percent of organizations with superior supply chain capabilities ("leaders") achieve revenue growth that is significantly above average. What sets them apart? Their focus on innovation.

Source: Source: Deloitte Supply Chain Leadership Study (2014)

Local Fleet Costs

Creating your own local delivery fleet to cover middle mile and last mile deliveries is expensive! Costs include vehicle purchase and maintenance, delivery pro salaries, insurance, and vehicle storage/parking. Purchasing a cargo van and employing even one driver will cost $120,000 annually. A fleet of vehicles could easily cost over half a million dollars.*

One Full-Time Delivery Pro

Estimated Over


Four Full-Time Delivery Pros

Estimated Over


GoShare’s Virtual Fleet

No Cost to Retailer

*Estimated first year cost based on national average vehicle purchase and maintenance costs, delivery salaries, mileage, and fuel.

Leverage Our Virtual Fleet

GoShare has an extensive network of local truck and cargo van owners that can be mobilized extremely quickly. These delivery professionals are ideal for LTL deliveries, single pallets, and other hotshot jobs. As a true on-demand service provider, GoShare provides same-day turnaround for project requests. Delivery professionals can arrive at your location within half an hour of the original request. All delivery professionals in the GoShare network have passed extensive background checks and vehicle inspections. They maintain high customer ratings and are backed by our comprehensive cargo and liability insurance policy.

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