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The sharing economy allows individuals to share their resources, reducing our need to buy and consume new items, from shared gardening tools to shared moving trucks.

GoShare connects individuals with moving and delivery needs with local truck and cargo van owners to facilitate truck sharing services. Instead of renting a truck from a corporation or buying one for occasional projects, hire a local truck owner who can help you move, haul, and deliver items. They will even do the loading and unloading.

GoShare’s truck sharing app is an on-demand service, you can request access to a truck in as little as half an hour. Use the GoShare truck sharing app or website to find a moving truck and a helping hand. Once you put in the details of your project, it will be sent to our network of thousands of vehicle owners. Most projects are matched with a local truck owner within five minutes.

How it Works

1. Find Your Delivery Pro

Get a free estimate in the app, set a pickup time and location, and find a pro - all in about a minute.

2. Get Movin’

The GoShare pros will load, secure, transport and unload your items. You just tell them where you want them to put it.

3. Track & Pay in the App

Track the progress of your delivery, pay, tip and review - all in the app!

Why Choose GoShare

for Delivery, Moving, and Hauling?

Flexible Scheduling

Say good-bye to all day delivery windows or strict courier cut-offs. Set a time that works for you. Schedule in advance or within the hour.

Affordable Pricing

Save up to 50% compared to traditional movers or delivery companies for faster, better service.


Our technology makes it easier than ever to get your items moving. Request a delivery professional in less than 1 minute.


All delivery pros are reviewed on our platform by other users, just like you. This helps us make sure you only get the best movers every time.

You are Protected

All GoShare delivery professionals are backed by our commercial
insurance policy.

High-Quality Service

All delivery professionals booked through GoShare are independent contractors that have been through a rigorous background check process.

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