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GoShare partners with Level to provide funding options for Delivery Professionals

GoShare is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Level.  Level provides advances to workers in the gig economy to help them grow their personal businesses. 

Why GoShare Chose Level

When choosing a partner for this service, it was important to GoShare that we find a group that offered fair terms to our partners. If you apply with Level, you can expect:

  • No Interest – Your total repayment is your advance plus the single fixed fee. There is no interest.
  • Only Repay When You Earn – Your advance is repaid only when you earn money on GoShare. Level will invoice you for a percentage of your earnings (the percentage is determined upfront).
  • Fast Funding – If you are approved, you will have your funds in 2 business days. 
Ways to Use Level Cash Advance:

Level Cash Advances can be used to grow your delivery business, for example:

  • Tools and Equipment – Use a cash advance to purchase new tools (such as lift gates or lumber racks). 
  • Vehicle Purchase or Repair – Level can help with the downpayment on a new vehicle, or helping to cover repair expenses
  • Licensing – Looking to get your CDL, HAZMAT certification, or DOT? Level can help provide funds for licensing and coursework fees. 


Provide permission for us to share your GoShare earnings as part of the application process and quickly learn about your options:

  • No credit check
  • All welcome to apply.  No business license or social security number required
  • Must have at least  $200 / month in revenue and at least two months of earning history

Learn More and Apply: 

Click the link below to be taken to Level’s website. Provide them the email and phone number you use with GoShare. They will be able to review your earnings and get you an answer quickly on your eligibility and terms.
This service is being provided as a perk and benefit for contractors that use GoShare. We do not make any income or receive any financial compensation for referring drivers to Level.

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