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Claim Your Rewards and Perks

If you are an active GoShare Delivery Professional, you can earn rewards through our GoShare Delivery Professional Perks program. You can view the perks below and check back here for updates to the program.

GMC and Chevrolet Vehicle Discount

GoShare has partnered with GM (General Motors) to provide delivery professionals with access to deeply discounted vehicle pricing on select 2021 and 2022 models of GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles.

To view the full list of vehicles and discounts, or to get the processing code required to claim this discount, reach out to customerservice@goshare.co. The processing code must be provided to your local GM dealer to get the pre-negotiated invoice credit off the listed price.

This program includes a wide variety of cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks. If the dealer invoice price of a comparably equipped Eligible Vehicle is reduced, General Motors reserves the right to reduce the invoice credit by the amount of the dealer invoice price reduction. Always confirm your final discount prior to making your purchase.

Level Cash Advance Program

Level provides advances to GoShare delivery professionals and other self-employed workers to help them grow their personal businesses.

When choosing a partner for this service, it was important to GoShare that we find a group that offered fair terms to our partners. If you apply with Level, you can expect:

  • No Interest – Your total repayment is your advance plus the single fixed fee. There is no interest.
  • Only Repay When You Earn – Your advance is repaid only when you earn money on GoShare. Level will invoice you for a percentage of your earnings (the percentage is determined upfront).
  • Fast Funding – If you are approved, you will have your funds in 2 business days.

Learn more about Level’s Cash Avance program with GoShare by visiting their site: https://www.levelgoals.com/goshare

Firestone Discounts

Apply to become a delivery professional on the GoShare platform and you will qualify for 10% discount on tires, labor, and parts from Firestone. In addition, get a comprehensive vehicle inspection just $13.49. Vehicle inspection costs vary in different regions but are generally valued at around $19.99, making this a 33% discount.

Monthly Awards

Top delivery professionals in each region can win bonuses and gift cards. Check the leaderboard to see your position and take new projects to earn more points.