GoShare Delivery Professional Perks - GoShare

Claim Your Rewards and Perks

If you are an active GoShare Delivery Professional, you can earn rewards through our GoShare Delivery Professional Perks program. You can view the perks below and check back here for updates to the program.

Firestone Discounts

Apply to become a delivery professional on the GoShare platform and you will qualify for 10% discount on tires, labor, and parts from Firestone. In addition, get a comprehensive vehicle inspection just $13.49. Vehicle inspection costs vary in different regions but are generally valued around $19.99, making this a 33% discount.

Monthly Awards

Top delivery professionals in each region can win bonuses and gift cards. Check the leaderboard to see your position and take new projects to earn more points.

Delivery Professional Rewards Program

Earn GoShare prizes and swag as you hit new milestones on the GoShare platform. For specific prizes, please consult the program details sent to your email address.

Nissan/Infiniti Discounts

As an active GoShare Delivery Professional, you are eligible to receive a discount off of any new Nissan or Infiniti vehicle. You can see the full list of vehicle discounts here. Before you head to your local Nissan or Infiniti dealer, please fill out the form below to receive GoShare’s fleet promo code.