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Meet Joshua our Driver of the Month December 2021


Please meet our Driver of the Month, Joshua T. who has been a great leader and example of what it takes to be a successful delivery professional with GoShare.

Shaun S: How long have you been working with GoShare?

Joshua T: I signed up with GoShare new year’s this year. I just fell in love with it and I’ve been going really strong with it. A lot of good advice came from the guys in the Facebook group and it helped get me straight and so, yeah, I’ve been rolling since then. My favorite is my cargo van. It’s a ProMaster, the medium length, the highest height they have available. So that’s what I’m in love with working in. But I like to drive my pickup truck. I have a 24-foot trailer that I do the moves out of that I connect to my pickup truck. And so, yeah, I can pretty much do any kind of family move. I can move you out of town. I can do whatever is necessary.

Shaun S: What regions do you work in?

Joshua T: Right now I work from New York all the way down to basically Virginia. So I have access to all the cities and I constantly drive wherever the moves and the more cargo and box truck jobs are required.

Shaun S: What advice do you have for other drivers?

Joshua T: If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you’re never. I get to work before the sun does just because I know it’s going to enable me to beat traffic, safe fuel, and I’ll have a less stressful commute there. And so usually if you can start your first job a little early, 20 minutes is so important. It means a lot on the road and I’m a talker and I connect with people. I’m very passionate about helping the people move so it’s easy to get into a house and you’re helping someone possibly transition in life. They’re moving to a new house, or they’re renting some furniture and they’ll start talking, telling stories and stuff. If you can just talk and continue to work and get in the house and get out, it’s very possible. You can get back to the next job on time.

Shaun S: What’s your top tip for other drivers?

Joshua T:  Take some GoShare cards and pass them out, and it’s not always what GoShare can do for you, but what can you do for GoShare? This is an amazing mechanism that if you just simply get the word out. If people know this exists, people will use this app. They will run to this app and they will constantly come back and they will pass it to their friends and family once they’ve had one good successful opportunity with it. So it’s very contagious and it’s very easy to connect with other people and inform them about the app.