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Top Tips for Moving Seniors

Under normal circumstances, moving from one home to another can be stressful and overwhelming. But, moving seniors can add extra challenges and considerations. If you are assisting an elderly parent move, or another elderly family member or friend, you are providing much more than packing and cleaning help. You are providing emotional support and encouragement as well.

Senior moves often involve downsizing, as older family members move to an assisted-living facility, nursing home, retirement community, or other residence. Sorting through and packing up a lifetime of possessions and memories can be emotionally overwhelming and exhausting. To help the process flow smoothly, we suggest following these top tips for moving seniors.

Allow for Extra Time

Give yourself more time than you think you need. Packing and cleaning in typical moves can be more time consuming than most estimate. But, you will need extra time to sort items, make decisions about what to keep, and to say good-bye to items that will be donated or put in storage.

Take Breaks

Sorting through memories and supporting your relative or friend as they process these changes can be overwhelming and exhausting. Take breaks. Go out for a walk. Break for meals. And, don’t forget to take advantage of moments to discuss cherished memories as you uncover old photo albums or family mementos.

Keep Your Memories

The hardest part of downsizing is having to part with items that may have significant personal value to you or your loved ones. Everyone has items that they hold onto, not because of their monetary value or use, but because of the fond memories or sentiment attached to the items. If you are unable to keep these items, look for other ways you can preserve the fond memories attached to these items. Scan and store photographs, children’s art, old report cards, and documents. Consider taking pictures of treasured collectibles and items that can also bring back these fond memories.

Find New Homes For Your Items

Finding a new home for items of value and significance can make it easier to let them go. Knowing someone will use them and benefit from them can bring peace with the decision to give the item up. You may offer items to family and friends, as well as charities and nonprofits that may benefit from your donation.

Get Help

Find family members and friends to help with packing and cleaning. Consider using an on-demand moving and delivery service to provide affordable and fast assistance with runs to recycling centers, disposal centers or charity donation drop-offs.

Make it Feel Like Home

Put aside a box of special items, like photographs and treasured mementos. When you get to the new home, unpack this item first. Hang photographs and place special items in visible places. These small touches will help the new residence feel like home as you begin to sort through and unpack other items.

Helping an older family member downsize and reduce the number of items they have before moving day can be daunting. These moving tips can help reduce the stress for you and your family member.

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