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Embracing the Future of Delivery: How GoShare’s Artificial Intelligence is Modernizing Retail Delivery


In today’s software driven world, customer expectations for speedy and efficient last mile deliveries have soared. As an enterprise retailer, you understand the crucial role that timely and accurate delivery plays in gaining a competitive edge. That’s where GoShare comes in. With the implementation of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), GoShare is transforming the delivery experience for both businesses and customers.

Predictive Delivery Times and Effective Driver Matching:

GoShare leverages AI to predict delivery times accurately, empowering enterprise retailers to offer real-time information to their customers. With this feature, you can provide your customers with precise delivery estimates, enhancing their overall shopping experience and building trust.

AI also assists in matching the most suitable vehicle and driver for each delivery task. By analyzing data such as package size, weight, driver location and delivery destination, GoShare’s AI algorithm ensures that your goods are transported efficiently and with the greatest care. This not only optimizes the delivery process but also minimizes operational costs and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Future AI Use Cases for GoShare:

  1. Order Batching: As a retailer, you likely deal with numerous orders to be fulfilled across various locations. GoShare’s AI has the potential to group similar orders together, reducing the number of individual trips necessary for delivery. By intelligently batching your orders, you can enhance efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and decrease your carbon footprint while simultaneously improving your bottom line.
  2. Route Optimization: Utilizing AI algorithms, GoShare will optimize routes by considering variables such as traffic conditions, delivery order sequencing, and driver availability. This not only facilitates quicker delivery times but also decreases fuel consumption and lowers delivery costs, resulting in a win-win situation for your business and the environment.
  3. Identity Verification: Using a combination of facial recognition, document verification technology, photo matching and biometrics, GoShare will verify the identity of drivers and customers faster and more accurately. This ensures the safety of your products while simultaneously ensuring that only authorized individuals can access them.
  4. Dynamic Pricing: GoShare’s dynamic pricing technology helps to optimize the price of your deliveries. By taking into account factors such as demand, supply, seasonality and weather conditions, GoShare can help you reduce costs and increase revenue by charging the appropriate amount for each delivery.


The future of delivery lies in embracing intelligent systems that streamline operations and enhance customer experience. GoShare’s artificial intelligence capabilities bring unprecedented benefits to enterprise retailers like you. From accurate delivery time predictions to effective driver matching, GoShare ensures the flawless execution of your deliveries.

Moreover, as AI continues to evolve, GoShare’s future applications like order batching and route optimization promise to revolutionize the delivery process further. By embracing this technology, enterprise retailers can cut costs, reduce environmental impact, and surpass customer expectations.

It’s time to take the leap into the future of delivery. Create a GoShare account now and begin shipping today or contact us to learn more about the transformative power of artificial intelligence in your retail operations.