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How to Find Loads for Pickup Trucks

So you’re looking for ways to make money and find some loads for your pickup truck. Good news is you came to the right place. At GoShare, our mission from day one was to connect truck and van owners with people and businesses who need help delivering cargo. We have built a sophisticated and trusted marketplace over the last 3 years to make it easy for truck owners to make easy money using a truck and some muscle. Here are the top 5 reasons to become a GoShare Delivery Professional:

1. Be your own boss

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss or starting your own delivery business? GoShare gives truck and van owners the ability and the loads to support your own business. No need to ask us for a day off or schedule a vacation. We take care of the marketing, cargo insurance, technology, and payments. Now you can focus on what you are good it.

2. Work when you want

Do you need a job that gives you time to do the things that you love? With GoShare you only accept the projects that you want to accept. If you have a crazy schedule and need the flexibility to work around your calendar you then you won’t be disappointed with GoShare.

3. Make good money

We pay our delivery professionals better than anyone else in the industry. With GoShare you can earn an average of $42 – $67 per hour depending on your vehicle size! You also may be able to take advantage of tax breaks for independent contractors.

4. Bonus Perks

In order to provide additional value for being a member of the GoShare team, we have partnered with several other relevant businesses to give you exclusive access to discounts on great products and services. You can save on great brands such as Nissan, Firestone, and Ace Hardware. Learn more about our driver perks here.

5. Help Your Community

With GoShare, you can easily connect with businesses and people in your community who need help moving, hauling, and delivering large items. You will feel a great sense of pride after you have helped one of your neighbors who were in need. Try it once and see if you don’t get hooked.

You don’t need to take our word for it. Watch the video below to see why thousands of truck and van owners have signed up to work with GoShare. Interested in joining our team? APPLY NOW

Got a truck? Want to be your own boss? Join today & earn up to $67 an hour