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Top 5 Reasons to Drive for GoShare

Top 5 Reasons to Drive for GoShare

If you own a pickup truck, then you’ll know the feeling. Nearly every weekend a friend, co-worker or family member asks to borrow your wheels to help with a move, delivery, or junkyard haul. If you are lucky, they may even chip in for gas money or buy you pizza.

Everybody wants a friend with a truck. But, many people aren’t lucky enough to be on your phone’s contacts list. GoShare is an app that connects pickup truck, cargo van, and box truck owners to everyday people and businesses that need moving, delivery and hauling help. It’s the perfect side gig for pickup truck owners. Need more convincing? Here are our top five reasons to join GoShare’s network of delivery and moving professionals:

Great Hourly Wages
The average earnings for truck and van projects accepted through GoShare are $42 – $67 an hour. That’s about nine times higher than the federal minimum wage. Plus you keep all your tips. That’s far higher than most app-based delivery jobs. DoorDash pays drivers $10-$11 an hour. Uber and Lyft drivers make an average of $14-15 an hour, though some studies put the average as low as $3.37 an hour!

Flexible Schedule
Work when you want, however much you want. There are no job quotas that you must fill. Only accept jobs that work for your schedule, and turn your spare time into spare change.

Get Paid Weekly
Get the rewards of your hard work quickly. All delivery and moving professionals are paid weekly via direct deposit.

Local Jobs
All moving and delivery jobs are local. No need to drive out of your area. Help your community by working with your neighbors and local businesses for their moving, delivery and hauling needs.

Get Started Right Away
Forget lengthy hiring processes. After a short onboarding process, vehicle inspection and background check, you can get started right away. Some delivery professionals are active on our system in as little as three days from their original application.

What are you waiting for? Next time someone asks to use your pickup truck, tell them they can’t borrow it, they can GoShare it. Learn more and apply at