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Top 5 Reasons To Choose GoShare for Delivery

Big box, little car? We’ve all been there. Let GoShare’s network of delivery professionals bring it home. GoShare’s professionals are just a tap away with the easy to use app. Download the app or request an estimate online, it takes less than three minutes to get your estimate and hire a delivery and moving professional.

Not convinced? Here are our top five reasons you should select GoShare:

GoShare is affordable.
Furniture movers and traditional delivery companies often charge $100 – $200, simply to drop an item off at your house. GoShare deliveries start as low as $39.99. Pay only for the time you use the delivery professional, no inflated flat fees.

Available in an hour or less.
Some stores make you wait days or weeks to deliver your item. Others don’t offer delivery at all. No matter where you’ve made your purchase, whether it’s a Costco or a Craigslist seller, you can hire a delivery professional driver to arrive in less than an hour. Or, schedule ahead. Whatever works for you!

Pick your time.
Hate long delivery windows? Worse, delivery companies that only give you weekday options, forcing you to take time off of work. GoShare doesn’t believe it’s acceptable to force someone to wait 4 hours or more for a delivery person to show up. With GoShare, you pick the day and time that works for you.

Better for your back.
Don’t lift a finger. Our delivery professionals will help with the loading and unloading. Simply tell them where you want your item to go.

We’ve got you covered.
Every GoShare delivery is protected by $4 million in liability coverage.
So, what are you waiting for? Give GoShare a try. We’re your friend with a truck.™