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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Packing Their Car

Big box, little car? Whether it’s bringing home your new big screen or moving apartments, people can be pretty creative when it comes to moving large or bulky items with small vehicles. Here is a list of things not to do when loading up your car or vehicle with large loads.

1. Don’t put the heavy stuff on top of the lighter items

Broken Egg

Whether it’s groceries or moving boxes, be aware of the order you place items in your car. You may be in a rush, but take time to properly arrange your items in your car. Even while going slow on backroads, items will shift with the movement of your vehicle. Make sure to place heavy items on the bottom and secure them in place to prevent your free weights from destroying grandma’s old vase.

2. Don’t forget to secure your cargo
TV Being Transported Incorrectly In Car

Any cargo on the roof of the car or in the bed of a truck should be secured bungee cords, twine, or cargo straps. Ratcheting cargo straps will provide the most secure hold. Securing your cargo not only protects the item, it prevents accidents and injuries. While only 15 states have laws about improperly secured loads, all 50 make it a crime to drop debris from your vehicle, and with good reason. A report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that there were 51,000 crashes, 10,000 injuries, and 440 deaths as a result of debris flying off cars in 2010.

3. Don’t block your windows

Overstuffed Car

Minivan so full you can barely close the trunk? If you’ve stuffed the back seat or passenger seat so full of boxes and cargo that you can’t see through the window clearly, you could be risking a costly ticket. Most states and localities have laws on books to ensure that drivers have unobstructed views of the traffic around them – including outside and back windows. Don’t risk a ticket or your safety.

4. Don’t create a tower on your roof 

Overloaded Roof Rack

On average, most cars, SUVs, and trucks are only able to carry around 165 pounds on their roof. That’s right, even large SUVs and trucks aren’t rated to carry large loads on top of the vehicle. Moreover, large loads on top of the car affect the car’s braking performance and may make it more susceptible to high winds.

5. Don’t violate overhang laws
Car with lumber in trunk

Each state has a different law regulating overhang, but the idea is the same. Items strapped to the roof of your car should not be so large as to create a danger to drivers around you, impair your view of the surrounding, or create wind challenges. For example, driving quickly with a mattress on your roof could cause it to be lifted by the wind and even fly off. If you are driving with a long narrow object on your roof or overhanging your truck bed, such as a ladder or lumber, attach a safety flag to the end to help drivers behind you see the item.

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