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Top 10 High Paying Side Jobs in 2020

With the rise of the gig economy, there are lots of side jobs available to choose from. But, if you are going to invest your precious free time in a gig, you’ll want to make sure it’s worthy of the resources and hours you commit. 

Forget making pennies driving with Uber or Lyft. These ten high paying side jobs pay real wages. Keep reading to pick your new side hustle.

Moving and Delivering Assistance

If you own a truck or a van, you are probably used to getting texts and calls from friends and family asking to borrow your vehicle. With this side hustle, you can tell them to GoShare it.

Use the GoShare app to be matched with local businesses and individuals in your community that need moving and delivery assistance. Don’t have large vehicle? GoShare also has opportunities for you to join as a moving helper (assisting loading/unloading) and courier.

What You’ll Make: $33 – 78 an hour (depending on your vehicle)

Sign up:

Drone Piloting

Prior to becoming a drone pilot, you will need to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. You should expect to renew this certificate every two years. Drone pilots are in demand to provide assistance with aerial photography, videography, and mapping.

Expect to make: $28 – $46 an hour

Find projects: Drone Base

Provide Childcare or be a Nanny

Whether you are just available for weekend date nights or can provide daily afterschool care, childcare is a side hustle that has a lot of benefits. As you impress your clients, watch your referral network build and your schedule fill up. You can command higher rates if you have a credential, like a certificate in child development, or previous experience. 

Expect to make: $15 – $40 an hour

Find projects: UrbanSitter, Sittercity

Adjunct Facility

Becoming an adjunct faculty member is a rewarding side job, but does require a Master’s degree in your area of expertise. Unlike full-time professors, adjunct faculty members generally teach only a small number of classes, including evening and remote, online courses. 

Be prepared to provide course instruction, give student feedback, answer inquiries, grade assignments, and attend required meetings.

Expect to make: $38 an hour

Find a position: HigherEdJobs


Do you speak a second language? Offer online translation services. Work on weekends or the evening, just so long as you can meet the deadlines. This work is easy to do from home so long as you have a computer and a strong internet connection.

Expect to make: $35 – $60 an hour

Find a position: Gengo, Speakt


Tutoring is an excellent way to earn extra income in your off-hours. Students are generally in need of homework help on afternoons, weekends, and evenings. Tutoring can be done in person, or remotely via video conferencing. You may even find gigs tutoring students overseas in their English classes. Pay varies depending on the complexity of the subject being taught. 

Expect to make: $15 – $40 an hour

Find a position:,

Housesitting and Petsitting 

This may be one of the easiest ways to earn extra income. Just stay over at someone’s house while they are out of town. In some cases, you may get to charge extra to take care of (play!) with their furry friends.

Just remember, it’s not a hotel. You want to ensure everything remains clean and well cared for while you are in charge.

Expect to make: $300 a month

Find a position: 

Rent Out Your Driveway

Do you have an extra space in your driveway, sideyard or garage? Rent out that space to people looking to park their boats, TVs, and recreational vehicles. Many community HOAs prevent street parking, leaving owners of these items looking for a place to legally park their items.

While space rental isn’t a huge moneymaker, it requires almost no effort.

Expect to make: $100 a month

Find a customer: 

Donate Plasma

Not only are you making money, but you are also helping people in your community! If you aren’t weirded out by needles, consider donating plasma. Plasma donors are generally only able to donate every four weeks, so this isn’t a steady gig. But, it’s easy and can be used to help treat burn victims, trauma patients, and those battling liver disease and cancer. 

Expect to make: $20 – $50 per donation

Fina a position: Local blood bank or plasma center

Volunteer for Overtime

Instead of looking for a side hustle, try earning extra money at your 9-5. Offer to pick up overtime or extra shifts. Not only does this help bring in extra income, but it can also help you be a stand out player with your management team. 

Expect to make: 1.5x your normal hourly wage

Find a position: Talk to your manager

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