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The Pros and Cons of Being a Craigslist Delivery Driver

Craigslist is famous for being an online hub for used furniture, second-hand baby gear, and sublet apartment listings. However, for some, Craigslist is far more than a giant online yard sale. Many independent contractors and freelancers rely on the site to find work in their local communities. Many Craigslist delivery drivers post daily on the site, looking for Craigslist delivery jobs.

There are many reasons why freelancers might use Craigslist to find projects. Below we examine the pros and cons or working through Craigslist as well as an alternative for Craigslist delivery drivers to get a steady flow of delivery work.

Pros of Using Craigslist for Delivery Jobs
  • Local: Look for and list your services to individuals and businesses in your local community
  • Affordable: Listing on Craigslist is very inexpensive and free in some areas. For independent contractors and freelancers with limited budgets, this is an affordable place to place classified ads.
Cons for Craigslist Delivery Drivers
  • Crowded: Craigslist’s service pages are filled with advertisements from freelancers and it can be difficult to stand out. Ads are quickly displaced by similar contractors placing ads for their duplicate services.
  • Anonymous: Before you connect on Craigslist, you are anonymous to the customer as they are to you. Some customers shy away from the platform, as they are afraid of scams. It also puts the delivery professional at risk of accepting a project from an unscrupulous person who doesn’t intend to pay.
  • It’s Not Enough: For most Craiglist Delivery Drivers, the jobs they receive through Craigslist are not enough to fill their schedule. They will need to turn to other platforms and tactics to build their business.
Craigslist Delivery Jobs Alternative

If you’ve been using Craigslist to find delivery jobs, you may be interested in GoShare. GoShare’s proprietary technology connects businesses and individuals with freelance delivery professionals.

Delivery professionals using the GoShare app are sent push notifications every time a customer places an order request. They may choose to pass or accept the project, depending on what works for them. Because GoShare has partnerships with many large retailers, it is easy to get access to lots of local delivery projects using the app.

To learn more, and apply to join GoShare’s network, visit