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Partner Of The Year – Express Tire

Meet our partner of the year, Express Tire!

We have always believed that in order for us to be successful, we would need to form alliances with the best people and the best businesses in our markets. Finding partnership opportunities when we were very young was challenging. We had no reputation, no money, and no customers. Luckily, we were able to find a forward thinking company who was willing to take a chance on us and it has paid off for us both.

Express Tire has been serving San Diego since 1955 by providing vehicle maintenance and service centers. Before driving with GoShare all drivers must pass a vehicle inspection to make sure their vehicles are safe. We are lucky to have the experts at Express Tire to help us. Express Tire’s friendly and professional service has helped keep our drivers stay safe on the road since day one. Thank you for being a great partner and one of the first to believe in GoShare’s vision for truck sharing.

Mark: I’m Mark Smith. I am the fleet service manager for Express Tire. So I handle all of our fleet accounts, as well as our national accounts for our entire company. We perform all your maintenance services as well as all your tire replacements. We can also do anything basically your vehicle needs we can take care of at all of our locations.

GoShare: Tell us about your experience as a GoShare Partner.

Mark: My experience with GoShare has been very positive. It’s free advertising to bring vehicles into your stores. The key thing is to get the vehicle in the shop, versus how much you’re gonna charge for an inspection. Why bother charging for an inspection when you get the bonus of getting the customer, as well as the customer’s cars also?
I mean, that’s what it’s all about for us. You know, the more cars we can bring into our stores, the more opportunities we have to meet more customers, more clients, and they’re gonna tell their friends, they’re gonna tell their friends, and it just builds on which is why we do so well. It’s a no brainer to us. We love it and we do more, everyone one of them we can get. It’s because of the relationships we build up off of it. It’s a win-win deal for us as it is a win-win deal for GoShare.