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Independent Contractor Cargo Van Jobs

GoShare connects cargo van and sprinter van owners with independent contractor cargo van jobs in their local area.

Businesses and individuals use the GoShare app to request help with moving or delivering large, bulky items. GoShare then sends these projects out to our network of independent contractors that own pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks. One of the most commonly requested vehicles on the GoShare platform is a full-sized cargo van. Independent contractor cargo van jobs include furniture delivery, small moves, and pallet deliveries. 

How GoShare Works

Local businesses and customers with moving and delivery needs enter their project into the GoShare app or website. Every time a new project is requested in your area, contractors get a push notification alerting them to the details, time, and place of the project. Review the project details and accept the project if the time and scope work for you.

Benefits of Joining GoShare

There are many benefits for independent contractor cargo van and sprinter owners using the GoShare platform: 

  • Flexible: As an independent contractor, you control your schedule. Only accept projects that work fit in your schedule. 
  • Find Jobs: Spend less time looking for jobs and more time earning. In addition to accepting projects with individuals, GoShare has partnerships with large retailers to drive new projects to the platform. 
  • Get Paid: GoShare bills the customer and direct deposits their payment into your account. Average time for receiving payment is five days. 
How Much Can I Earn? 

Delivery drivers and owner-operators using the GoShare platform earn some of the highest wages in the gig industry. GoShare is committed to ensuring customers pay fair wages to independent contractors using the GoShare app. Delivery professionals keep 100% of their tips. Below is the average hourly earnings based on vehicle size.

  • Standard Pickup Truck Driver: $42 an hour
  • Large Pickup Truck Driver: $56 an hour
  • Full-Sized Cargo Van: $62 an hour
  • Box Truck: $67 an hour

Cargo van owners are also eligible to take project requests for smaller trucks, at the smaller truck rate.

Why work as an Independent Contractor doing Cargo Van Jobs?

When you own a cargo van, you’ve got a valuable resource that others in your community need to use. The biggest challenge is connecting with those in your community that needs a large vehicle for moving, hauling, and delivery projects. With GoShare, you spend more time earning, and less time looking for projects.

Every day in your community, individuals and businesses find themselves in need of a large vehicle for a variety of projects. These projects include furniture delivery, moving inventory between stores, taking items to storage units, and more. GoShare allows you to connect with these customers in real-time. Get compensated for helping your neighbors and community members.

Minimum Requirements

There are a few basic requirements that you must meet to use GoShare as an independent contractor. Please review the list below.

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Your vehicle must be a model year that is no older than 15 years.
  3. Must be able to pass a background and driving history check.
  4. Must have an iPhone or Android capable of running the latest version of the GoShare Driver App.
  5. Must have a checking account to receive direct deposit payments. 
  6. Must be able to speak English.
  7. Must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance in the state in which you are located.
  8. Must have at least the minimum insurance required by your state or local laws.
How to Apply

To apply to use the GoShare app, visit and click “Apply Now”. You will be asked to fill out a very brief application form. If everything looks good, you will be able to use your email to log into your GoShare account.

In your account, you will be asked to watch a brief orientation video that introduces you to the program, to upload vehicle documents for verification, and to initiate your background check. Once these have been verified and your account is set up for payment, you will be able to access projects on the platform.  

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