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How to Protect Wood Floors When Moving Furniture

Hardwood floors can add a high-quality look to any home. They’re easy to clean, durable, and a great long term investment. But, hardwood floors are difficult to repair. And, dings and scratches can damage both the value and appeal of your flooring. Floors are especially susceptible to damage during large moves or furniture deliveries. 

Dragging or dropping heavy furniture on hardwood can cause dents, dings, and scratches. Follow the helpful tips below or watch our tutorial video to protect hardwood floors when moving furniture or delivering heavy items. 

Clean the Bottom of Your Shoes

GoShare Delivery Pro with Blue Shoe Protectors on Feet

While wood floors are known for being easy to wipe clean, it’s still a good idea to clean your shoes before beginning your project. Wipe your shoes on a mat prior to entering the home. This is especially important in winter weather when you may have salt, mud, or water on your shoes. Consider wearing protective sleeves over work shoes.

Cover Floorboards to Protect Against Dings and Scratches

Delivery Professionals rolling out plastic sheet cover to protect wood floors

If you are only moving one or two items, lay out a moving blanket to protect the floor. An older quilt or towel can also provide extra protection. 

If you will be coming in and out carrying many items, consider laying out a protective runner on moving day. These runners cling to the floor to protect it from high-traffic. They are easy to lay out and peel up. They will not damage your floors when removed.

Measure Before Moving

delivery professional using measuring tape to measure a set of french door

Measure any doorways or hallways in advance to ensure your furniture will fit through the area. Trying to lift an item through a too-small front door could create a situation where items are dropped, dragged, or pushed across the hardwood floor. 

Measuring can help prevent damage to floors by allowing you to pre-plan your pathway. Don’t forget to disassemble any large pieces, if possible, to make them easier to carry through tight spaces.

Always Lift, Never Drag

Delivery professionals lifting large couch onto furniture dollies

To prevent damage to hardwood floors during a furniture delivery or move, never drag heavy items. Always lift the item completely off the floor before moving it. When necessary, use a furniture dolly or a hand truck with rubber wheels to help you move the items.

Use Furniture Sliders or a Moving Blanket

Delivery professionals sliding a cabinet across a wooden floor using a moving blanket

If the item is too heavy for you to lift and carry, and you don’t have a furniture dolly, you may also try the sliding technique. Purchase furniture sliders that use soft bases, including shag or felt. A moving blanket can also work for this technique.

Please the furniture on the moving blanket or sliders. Gently lift the edges of the blanket and slide the item across the floor. The blanket will protect the wood floors. If using sliders, you will push the item from a low position. Pushing from the top may cause it to slide off the sliders.

Find On-Demand Help

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