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How to Move a Couch Through a Doorway

Plush, oversized couches are perfect for Netflix binging or NFL Sunday. But, getting the couch into the living room may be more challenging than you think. Trying to fit a large couch through a narrow doorway is a common challenge during moving, relocating, or furniture delivery.

Follow our tips below to get your new couch, sectional, or recliner safely to its place of honor in front of the television.

Measure First

Before you purchase a new couch, measure it. Measure the couch’s height, width, and length. Measuring all angles is important, as you may find the easiest way to move your couch through narrow spaces is by angling it in a vertical position. Many couches have removable feet, so take this into account when measuring.

Then measure any narrow openings you will need to pass through. This may include doorways, hallways, stairwells, and elevators. In many cases, the doorway is the toughest challenge. But, if you live in an apartment or need to move the couch upstairs, you may find other places on your journey are a tight squeeze. By measuring first, you’ll be able to determine whether moving your couch to its new location is possible. Couch a couple of inches too wide? Don’t despair, there are still options (keep reading!).

Use the Widest Path

Have a glass sliding door in the backyard? Do you have french doors at the front of your house? If you have some tight squeezes, opt for the wider path. Even if it requires you carrying the couch a little farther, you’ll save time and stress by avoiding any tricky tilting and pivoting in small spaces.

Remove Doors

Need to gain some space? You can gain an inch or two by removing your door from its hinges. This is an optional step, but may be necessary if any part of the open door is blocking the pathway. If you need to remove an interior door, try pulling out the pins instead of unscrewing the hinges. Use a flat head screwdriver to tap upward on the pin from the bottom. This will be easier to rehang once the move is complete than completely removing the hinges.

Prepare the Sofa and Room

Prepare your sofa by removing any detachable feet, cushions, or loose throw pillows. If you are moving a sectional, disassemble it and move each piece separately. You may want to wear cotton gloves to prevent damage to the furniture when moving. It is also wise to lay down a furniture blanket or towel on the floor. This protects the floor and couch and may enable you to slide your furniture if necessary. Make sure to have a friend or two on hand to help out. If you don’t have access to help or feel the couch might be too heavy to manage, hire a professional service like GoShare to assist.

Tilt and Pivot

If the couch is too large or wide to simply carry through the door, get ready to tilt and pivot. For many couches, they are most narrow when leaned vertically. Tilt the sofa so that it is on its side. If the couch is a loveseat, you may be able to slide it through the doorway in an upright position. For a longer couch, you will need to angle the couch and slide it through the doorway in a hooking motion. Have a partner stand inside the room to guide the couch as it comes through the doorway. You may need to continue to tilt, pivot, and rotate – slowly angling the couch through the door until it is all the way in the room. Take it slow and easy. Couch cushions may squish down, but don’t force a fit or you might rip the upholstery.

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