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How to Move a Couch or Sofa

Large, bulky items such as couches, sofas, and loveseats can be challenging to move. They are heavy, hard to hold, and may not always fit through doorways and hallways. But, they are an essential element to any living room layout. There is no need to re-consider your over-stuffed sectional or reclining loveseat. With a little preparation, you’ll be able to move a couch like a pro.

Follow these guidelines on how to move a couch, sofa or other heavy furniture. Taking care to follow a few easy precautions and ensure your move goes smoothly and prevent damage to your furniture.

Step 1 – Measure any doorways or small hallways prior to moving your couch

How to Move a Couch - Man Measuring a Front Door with a Tape Measurer

Make sure your chosen pathway is wide enough to fit this large piece of furniture. Cramming and pushing it through an opening that is too small may result in tearing, ripping and damage to your couch or sofa. While you are measuring your path, also be on the lookout for any debris or items that may cause a tripping hazard while you carry the couch. You will want to remove these items prior to moving the item.

Have a tight doorway or hallway? Before you despair, check out our post on How to Move a Couch Through a Doorway.

Step 2 – Get the right equipment

How to Move a Couch - Two Men Lifting a Couch Onto a pair of Furniture Dollies

For moving large and bulky items like a couch, use one or more furniture dollies to help transport the item across flat surfaces. This helps protects your item from drop related damage and your back from strain or injury. When lifting your item onto the dolly, always remember to lift from the hips or knees. 

If you don’t have a dolly, you may also try the sliding technique. Check out our post here to learn more about how to use moving blankets, or an old comforter, to slide your furniture across a wooden or tile floor.

Step 3 – Remove any extra parts

How to Move a Couch - A man next to an upturned couch, he is using a drill to unscrew the frame

Before moving your couch or sofa, remove all parts that can be safely removed. Place extra pillows and covers in a separate bag. This keeps them clean, safe, and makes them easy to move. 

Disassemble any hardware. Most couches have legs that can be unscrewed. Some recliners and sectionals may allow you to unscrew the base and break the couch down into more manageable pieces. Keep all screws and hardware in a plastic bag or another container that can be sealed to ensure you don’t lose any. Replacements can be hard to acquire.

Step 4 – Work as a team

How to Move a Couch - Two Men Lifting a piece of a sectional onto a pickup

Couches, sofas and other large items are not just heavy. They are also awkwardly shaped and can be very challenging to more by yourself. Never attempt to lift more than you are able to. 

If your couch disassembles into pieces, you may be able to carry each one individually. If it does not, or if these pieces or heavier than you can safely manage, find a friend or two to help you move the couch.

Step 5 – Protect the couch during your move by covering it with moving blankets

How to Move a Couch - A man in a blue shirt putting a blue moving blanket over the top of a leather couch in a pickup

Cover your sofa or couch with moving blankets to protect it during the move. If you don’t have moving blankets available, an old quilt or blanket may also work. 

Tarps may be large enough to spread over the entire sofa, but they are not padded and more likely to slip and slide during moving. We do not suggest using them.

Step 6 – Secure the couch in the back of your vehicle using cargo straps

How to Move a Couch - a man in a blue shirt fastening a ratchet strap around a couch in the back of a pickup

Secure the couch in place with ratcheting straps. Use several straps, to ensure it is completely secure and will not slide. This is necessary in open-bed trucks as well as enclosed vehicles, such as cargo vans and box trucks. 

In a pickup truck, an unsecured couch may fly out, causing damage to the item and a hazard on the road. In an enclosed vehicle, the couch can slide and become damaged if not properly tied down. Do not use bungee cords to secure your item, as they are not strong enough to hold it securely in place.

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