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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clean Your Pickup Truck Bed

Pickup trucks offer immense versatility, both on and off the road, thanks to the utility of their bed. For truck owners, that luxury also means sacrificing a bit of time and effort to routinely clean their pickup truck bed. 

Whether you commute daily to work, partake in off-roading activities, or have recently helped a friend move, your pickup truck and truck bed are vulnerable to the elements and constantly traps debris and dirt. There’s a good chance that your pickup truck bed has accumulated some snow throughout the winter months as well. 

Making sure that your pickup truck is in top shape before the summer heat hits is a smart move. Springtime presents an excellent opportunity for you to clean out your truck bed from the clutter and maintain its condition. Before you begin, there are a few essential tips on how to clean your truck’s bed liner effectively. 

Take a look below at our step-by-step guide on how to clean your pickup truck bed.

Step 1Sweep Out Debris and Remove Any Items

The first plan of action is to use a simple push broom to clear out any dirt, rocks, sticks, and other debris lying around. A shovel is a more effective tool for getting rid of accumulated snow during the cold season. In addition, remove any items and possessions from your truck bed. If you have a toolbox installed, detach it for the time being as it can obstruct the cleaning process.

Step 2 – Spray the Bed Liner

Next, use the water from a high pressure washer to spray the surface of the truck bed. This will help get rid of any remaining dirt and debris trapped in corners and prepare your truck bed for cleaning. Be sure to spray the bed liner from side to side, starting from the rear window and slowly working your way toward the tailgate. It’s important to leave your tailgate open and angle the pressure washer in the right direction so that the dirty water can flow directly out of the bed.

Step 3 – Wash the Truck Bed

It’s now time to wash your truck bed. Before you start, make sure to avoid cleaning chemicals that may ruin the material of the bed liner. If you’re unsure, it’s smart to play safe and use a simple car washing soap for cleaning. Begin applying the car shampoo throughout the bed liner and use a mop or stiff bristle deck brush to scrub and remove dirt pileup. For more stuck-on dirt and stains, using a heavy-duty, nylon scrubbing brush will do the trick. 

Step 4 – Rinse and Dry the Bed Liner

Once the bed liner has been thoroughly cleaned, use the water from a pressure washer on the strongest setting to deep-rinse your truck bed. Rinse from front to back, side to side, and make sure that you don’t miss any corners and cracks. After a detailed rinse of the bed, leave your pickup truck to dry out in the sun. Alternatively, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the bed liner and speed up the drying process. Make sure that your pickup truck bed is completely dry to avoid mildew and fungal growth, and to keep it looking fresh and shiny for the coming months. 

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