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GoShare On-Demand Moving and Delivery Now Available in Charlotte, NC

GoShare On-Demand Moving and Delivery Now Available in Charlotte, NC

On demand delivery and moving company GoShare is now available in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Businesses in the Charlotte area can now use GoShare’s site, app, or API to access a virtual fleet of delivery professionals. Delivery options include hotshot pickup trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks as well as small-vehicle couriers for parcels, documents, and packages.

GoShare is bringing the convenience and ease of ridesharing and delivery apps to the logistics space. Enter your load request, or use an API to submit a query through your Transportation Management System (TMS), to be instantly connected with a network of thousands of independent delivery professionals. Request pickup in as little as 30 minutes. The system will provide status updates throughout the project, as well as a confirmation of delivery and easy digital payment options.

All delivery professionals accepting projects through GoShare have passed comprehensive background and driving history checks. In addition, they must maintain a strong positive rating among past customers. All GoShare projects are also backed by GoShare’s cargo and liability insurance policies.

GoShare is the ideal solution for retail and last mile delivery, middle mile, hotshot jobs, job site deliveries, and more. See the full list of GoShare’s professional and consumer services here.   Businesses interested in partnering with GoShare should reach out to GoShare’s business development team to learn more about the solution and how our team can provide business logistics solutions.

To support the launch of this market, GoShare plans to add hundreds of truck and van owners to the platform in the area over the next few months. Pickup truck, cargo van, and box truck owners that are interested can learn more or apply to join the platform at www.GoShare.co/Drivers.