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GoShare Driver of the Year

Congratulations to Andrew for being the GoShare Driver of the Year! Check out the video below to see why he loves driving with GoShare.

GoShare: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Andrew: My name is Andrew. I’m an outdoors guy, I like hiking, time with the dog, some surfing, boating.

GoShare: Why do you think our customers love GoShare?

Andrew: I think it’s the convenience, the fact that you’re putting it on your schedule, and the fact that it’s real quick. We’ll get someone to you real quick, and get the job done real quick. Quite often it’s just, I think people find themselves in situations where they can be moving something, but in everyday life they’ve gotten used to not being able to do it. These people have figured out that if they call GoShare they can grab that trunk at the flea market, or grab that couch at IKEA and have it all done in a day instead of a whole bunch of waiting. I think it’s overall obviously just that convenience.

GoShare: What would you tell a friend who is thinking about driving with GoShare?

Andrew: It’s phenomenal. No matter what other job you’ve got, if you’ve got another job or you were going to do it full time, it’s all on your schedule. It’s really fantastic like that. I work at a hotel, my schedule is absolutely wild. So I can pick up a ton of hours with GoShare. The income helps me out a ton.

GoShare: Why do you like driving with GoShare?

Andrew: I’d say first the customer interaction, I really enjoy dealing with the customers. Just every walk of life we’re coming across, it’s awesome. Second would obviously be the flexibility, and third would be, I feel like you’re getting a pretty even buck for your hard work. I just think it’s a lot like you’re running your own show. Obviously you’re given the jobs, you accept them as you see fit, and you stay as busy as you want to say, or as not busy as you want to stay.

GoShare: Why should customers use GoShare?

Andrew: It’s a fantastic experience, give it a try. We’re going to knock it out for you. We’re going to get it done real quick. The thing is you just keep seeing the customer, so it kind of speaks for itself. They’re coming back. The idea works real well, in San Diego we’re staying super busy. It’s just greatly appreciated, it’s amazing how much people appreciate the service.