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GoShare Driver of the Month – June 2016

Say hello to Emilio, the driver of the month for June!

GoShare: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Emilio: My name’s Emilio and I’m a GoShare driver. I’m a little bit of an entrepreneur. I have a few things going. I have a podcast. It’s called DL Gaming. It’s a PC gaming podcast and I have a recycling business.

GoShare: What kind of truck do you have?

Emilio: It’s a GMC Sierra 1500 8 foot bed.

GoShare: What do you like about GoShare?

Emilio: I can supplement my income with GoShare and things like that, so it really helps out. It’s perfect actually. The flexibility, you only have to pick up jobs that you want, it’s great and you’re just helping people out and it’s just fun. I realized that in one year I made $77,000. It allows me to do more work easier and make more money.

GoShare: Any memorable experiences you’ve had as a GoShare driver?

Emilio: When we delivered all the wine to the Del. It was so much wine. When you get there, and it’s almost like a movie set, there’s people running around. There was a big event that night and people running around and these guys with clipboards and they’re directing us over here. Today, in a little while, I have a two man job. I’ve worked with Ray so many times that we’re friends now. We’ve done full on moves together and stuff. Yeah, he’s a good dude. After a while, you know it’s somebody you can trust.

GoShare: Why should customers use GoShare?

Emilio: It’s probably the right choice in any situation. You need help right now, you’re going have somebody right when you need them. It’s just a great system. The magic of technology.

GoShare: What would you tell a friend who is thinking about driving with GoShare?

Emilio: If you’re thinking about driving, just do it. There’s no downside. There’s only upsides really. Be friendly, be outgoing, and you’re going to be fine.