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GoShare Driver of the Month – July 2017

Learn why Luis, our driver of the month for July, loves using his truck to work when he wants and earn money with GoShare.

Luis: My name is Luis. I like to you know, fix cars, build stuff, build trailers and stuff like that so that’s one of the hobbies I do.

GoShare: What kind of truck do you have?

Luis: I have a F-150 and it’s a four door crew. So this one is nice but I have, you know, goals to get another one.

GoShare: What has been your experience working with GoShare?

Luis: I remember a lady who wasn’t feeling that good and she had to, like, walk kind of far and her back was hurting. So you know, she was really grateful that, you know, that I was there helping her out. So she was really happy. Helping her out out, moving all the stuff, it was a lot of stuff for her but, you know, sometimes you need help. I like that you know, helping people out, making them, you know, they get what they want.

GoShare: Why should customers use GoShare?

Luis: You want to have some more flexibility? You want to make good money? Why not? It’s perfect. I get to do this and I have time around to be with my family, which is — family is, for me, the most important thing. My wife, my kids, that’s the reason why I come out there and do what I have to do, for them. And also the flexibility, like I said you know I go back to them, spend time, and then I say, “Hey if I want to take this job I’ll take it. If not, you know there’s no obligation.”

GoShare: What would you tell someone interested in joining GoShare?

Luis: It’s a really good price for people. They don’t have to go rent a truck, take it back, do the job by themselves, and sometimes they don’t even have the help that they need. So it’s perfect and instead of going through one of those maybe huge companies that charge you a whole bunch of money you get a good deal over here, so it’s fair.