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GoShare Driver of the Month – January 2017

Meet Fidencio, the GoShare Driver of the Month for January 2017!

Fidencio: Hi my names Fidencio. I’m from Texas originally, I moved out here for a job opportunity and that kind of fell through, so I found GoShare online and I checked it out. I was like I have a truck might as well join with them and use my resources. GoShare came along through a sponsored post on Facebook, and I accepted it, and went through the process, and it was pretty easy.

GoShare: Why did you join GoShare?

Fidencio: With this it gives me the opportunity; it gives me time and money, exactly what I wanted. Time to work whenever I wanted to work and money that can help me live, but also it gives me the time so I can do other things that I actually enjoy.

GoShare: What are your interests and hobbies?

Fidencio: I love my truck, I love going on road trips and things like that. We have an 80 acre ranch back in Texas, so I’m use to moving things around, and I don’t like being inside of an office. I don’t like sitting behind a computer 24 hours a day, or 9:00-5:00. I like going out and meeting people, and just doing things, and helping people when I can. That’s why I really enjoy GoShare.

GoShare: Why do you think customers use GoShare?

Fidencio: Pretty friendly, it’s quick, it’s really streamlined the process. It’s not very hard, not very difficult. Go online, request a driver, somebody will answer you in seconds. There’s always somebody that will help you out, and definitely that’s my reasons.

GoShare: What would you tell a friend interested in joining GoShare?

Fidencio: Apply and do it. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. When you get a job you’re going to make money and that’s pretty much it. You get to use your vehicle. If you have a truck why don’t you utilize that and make some money out of it? It’s a no brainer. GoShare was able to provide me that opportunity to work for myself and make the money that I want to make. You got to hustle at it, but it’s going to have good seeds. You’re going to reap some¬†good seeds if you are helping good people.

GoShare: What has been your favorite job since joining GoShare?

Fidencio: Yesterday there was a job that one of the drivers wasn’t very comfortable with the move. I went and took the job. I went over there and it was a 2,000 pound pallet of paper, a box of paper up to 2,000 pounds, and know that my truck holds 3,200 pounds so I said put it on there. We put it in there and I strapped it down correctly and I made the trip and got it accomplished.

GoShare: Any other memorable moments since driving?

Fidencio: At the end of the job I got like $100 tip. It was a three story, you have to go three stories rolling the boxes up the stairs and down the hallways, a small little apartment too, but at the end she gave us a $100 tip. It was late at night too, so if it’s late at night and it’s like you’re about to go bed, or anything like that go out and do that last run. You never know what could happen.