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GoShare Driver of the Month – October 2017

Meet Phil and learn why he uses GoShare to work on his own schedule and earn money using his truck to help people.

Phil: My name is Phil and I’m from Los Angeles, California. My current hobbies right now, I think I’m more of a video game type of guy. I have a truck and I’ve been trying to find a meaning to use it. I needed to find my niche and I found it with GoShare.

GoShare: What type of vehicle do you have?

Phil: My truck is just normal Ford Ranger. I’ve always been a car person my whole life. My father, he said I’m more fit in truck. Couple years ago, one of his best friends passed away and he left his truck, and my dad decided to give me his truck. Once I got my hands on the wheel and got to driving it and experiencing it, I finally understood why it’s nice to drive a truck. Truck yeah!

GoShare: What has been your experience working with GoShare?

Phil: Just delivered an ATM just not too long ago, not too far from here. I’ve moved everything from Costco, from the couches, multiple couches, like three of ‘em stacked high, to TVs and all that. I’ve been doing this moving thing for a while, a lot of customers.

GoShare: Why should customers use GoShare?

Phil: You can schedule your life and you don’t have to wait too long and most of us are good at communication. There are drivers available and there are drivers there to do what they have to do to help you out to move your stuff.

GoShare: What would you tell someone interested in joining GoShare?

Phil: GoShare gives me the freedom that I always wanted when it comes down to a job. I don’t have a schedule, I can plan, not only my day, but my life whenever a job decides to come in for my area. I can communicate with the customers right away and the layout is user-friendly on both ends, the customer as well as the driver. It really does make life a lot easier compared to other apps.