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GoShare App Helps You Find A Truck

ABC 10 News: GoShare app helps you find a truck

Rachel Bianco: A lot of us have done this, you buy something or you want to buy something and your car is too small to get it home. New at 5:30, 10 News reporter Craig Herrera shows us the San Diegan who developed an app that solves that problem.
Craig: Okay, so you’ve gone shopping or you want to move something but it’s too big and you don’t have a truck. Now there’s an app for that. Signed.
Sonny: That’s official now.
Craig: Sealed and soon to be delivered.
Sonny: Pretty easy gig and it helps out customers a lot.
Craig: That’s why GoShare was developed.
Sonny: Anything bulky that doesn’t fit in their car, plus having the extra hand to help them load.
Craig: It’s a free app to download.
Sonny: It’s pretty much any time of the day.
Craig: The price of delivery, well that varies based on what you have to move, the type of vehicle needed, and the amount of time.
Sonny: We can keep the job going as long as the customer needs because we work per minute.
Craig: They can meet you just about anywhere, a retail store, or even at a home if you bought something online from a place like Craigslist.
Sonny: I think that’s a little bit of a bonus, especially some of the veterans such as myself. Just having a male body there.
Craig: Founder Shaun Savage says each driver goes through a tough security check.
Shaun: Interview meeting first and then we do a vehicle inspection to make sure that their vehicle’s in good working condition. Then we do a national background check.
Craig: As for your stuff, consider it covered.
Shaun: We carry a cargo insurance policy so it protects all of our customer’s items that we’re carrying for them.
Craig: After you’ve downloaded the app, enter the pick up and drop off spots…
Shaun: Select the type of vehicle that you want, pickup truck or a cargo van, you can also request a trailer.
Craig: …you’ll get an estimated price.
Shaun: If you’re comfortable with the price estimate we just ask that you take a picture of the item.
Craig: You can pick a time and date or enter ASAP if you need a driver now. Then pay online and track your delivery.
Sonny: We’ve gone to furniture stores and picked up a load without the customer even being there and bring it to their house.
Craig: In Mission Valley, Craig Herrera, 10 News.
Rachel: GoShare is only available in San Diego and New Jersey, at least for now. They do plan to open more markets maybe across the country in the next year. If you would like more information about GoShare, we have a link on our website, 10news.com. Go to the red TV button.