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Driver of the Month – September 2018

Meet Christian and learn how he uses his pickup truck to earn money with GoShare.

Christian: Hello my name is Christian Ramirez. I like obstacle courses but now I see it different, you know I’m 39 and my body is not like 21, you know but it’s still, it’s a great community and it’s always about encouraging somebody to get better. If they’re healthy, eating better. I’ve just stepped out a little bit because I’m dedicating more to moving, you know doing GoShare moving.

GoShare: What type of vehicle do you have?

Christian: I drive a Tacoma 2007. It’s a stick shift and I have a ladder rack. I used to be a cable technician, so the ladder rack comes pretty handy because now I can stack things higher, like the big king mattresses and well — it’s a Tacoma truck.

GoShare: Why should customers use GoShare?

Christian: Well first, it’s on demand you know. I will tell them right away the main reasons. It’s like look, they’re just gonna send you the closest guys that they have in the area. All the drivers are background checked and if for some reason you’ve got something damaged or broken you know they’ll reimburse you everything. At least 99% of the customers, they’re gonna be happy and I mean you can’t go wrong with that.

GoShare: What would you tell someone interested in working with GoShare?

Christian: You know, it’s on demand. You have flexibility. Definitely if you have other goals to keep moving forward in life then you can push it and it gives you that flexibility. You know sometimes you’ve got small jobs, sometimes you get big jobs. At the end of the day there’s a motivation, we’re here for the money. There’s good jobs at the end of the month, it gets busier. It’s a good company, I like it.