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Driver Of The Month April 2015

The people that we work with are what make GoShare special. The Driver of The Month program is our way of saying thank you to a driver who has provided an exceptional level of customer service in addition to completing a high number of jobs in that month. Our first Driver of the month is Steve from San Diego, CA. Steve is a father, an actor, and a reliable GoShare driver who has received perfect feedback from every customer he has worked with. Congratulations Steve and keep up the good work!

GoShare: Can you tell us your name?

Steve: Yes, my name is Steve.

GoShare: Okay. What do you do for fun, Steve?

Steve: What do I do for fun? I’m busy all the time, first of all with GoShare. I’m a single father of a fifteen year old girl, who’s the best thing ever. I do work out, I hit the gym. I’ve been acting for about fifteen years on and off. I do a lot of commercials, I do commercials here in San Diego. It’s just one of those things where I have other jobs to get me by, but cross my fingers, got to wait for that big break, you know?

GoShare: Yeah. Can you talk about maybe an experience that you had with Go Share where you were able to help out a customer?

Steve: Yeah I met this one girl in Sorrento Valley, Del Mar area, and we met at an office building. I thought she just wanted to transport office furniture, one office building to another, but she refurbished old furniture, goods, what have you. It was kind of cool because… when I dropped everything off at her apartment in Pacific Beach, I asked her, “What do you do with this stuff? This isn’t an office building. This is your apartment.” She’s like, “Oh, yeah. I know. I fix it up and then I sell it again.” I was like, “Wow, that’s so cool.” She would ask me all the time, she’s like, “Steven, do you want help? Do you want help?” I’m like, “No, no, no. I can do this myself. I appreciate your help. You’re very kind.” I had my dolly and straps and all that good stuff. Off the truck, into her apartment, and it was all good. She was just like, “Wow.”

GoShare: What would you tell a customer if they were asking you why they should use GoShare?

Steve: Very personable. It’s not corporate, so it’s small. Very courteous. GoShare hires respectable people.

GoShare: What would you tell a driver who was thinking about joining GoShare?

Steve: Easy, very easy and well worth it. That’s why I’m here, because I wouldn’t be here if there weren’t any rewards. The first job that you wanted me to help you with was the retired military guy. That was the coolest thing, that just you don’t know who you’re going to meet. It’s good. I like GoShare.

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