Delivery Professional Cancellation Policy - GoShare

GoShare Cancellation Policy Enforcement

Reliability is important to customers that use the GoShare platform. Frequent and last-minute cancellations damage our relationships with customers, reducing the likelihood of future bookings and hurting all delivery pros that rely on GoShare for a steady stream of well-paying projects.

This cancellation policy is an enforcement of the┬ádriver cancellation policy in GoShare’s terms of service (section 4e).

Our goal is to reduce the number of delivery professionals who accept and then cancel projects. This provides a bad user experience for customers and is not acceptable. The intent of these fees is to discourage cancellations that damage our customer relationships and encourage more reliable follow-through.

Cancellation Penalties

If you accept a project and then cancel, you will be charged a fee, reflected below. You will not be charged a fee if you cancel 48 hours prior to the project start.

  • More than an hour prior to project start: $20
  • Less than an hour prior to project start: $30

Frequent cancellations may result in your account receiving a lower priority for future project notifications and eventual suspension from the platform. Fees may be charged to your credit card on file or deducted from future earnings. Refusal to pay incurred fees may also result in a suspension or deactivation from the platform.

If you are working on a GoShare project that will run over and conflict with an upcoming GoShare project, please reach out to customer service as soon as possible. You will not be penalized for accidental overlap if you make us aware of the situation in advance. You will also not be penalized in extreme weather situations if you make us aware of the issue.

If a customer asks you to cancel a project, please reach out to our customer service team. They can make sure the cancellation happens through the customer’s account so you are awarded any fees charged to the customer to compensate for your lost time.

No Show Penalties

If you as a delivery professional are a No Show on a project that you accepted, you will be billed a $50 No-Show fee. Your account may also be subject to immediate suspension or deactivation. A Delivery Professional is considered a No Show if the Delivery Professional is not at the scheduled pickup time within 30 minutes of the start time or if they cancel the project within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time.

Fees may be charged to your credit card on file or deducted from future earnings. Refusal to pay incurred fees may also result in a suspension.

Customer Cancellations

Just as delivery professionals have a responsibility to follow through with project commitments, customers have a responsibility to the delivery pros they hire.

If a customer cancels a project within 60 minutes of the start time, you will be eligible for compensation based on the project type. These cancellation fees are designed to compensate delivery professionals for any time or gas spent toward meeting the obligations of the now-canceled project.

  • Courier: $10.35
  • Helper: $13.80
  • Pickup Truck: $17.25
  • Cargo Van: $27.60
  • Box Truck: $48.30

If a customer has requested two delivery pros, they will only be charged for canceling if both parts of their project have been accepted. If you accept a two-person project, do not proceed unless you have been assigned a helper/driver partner.