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Customer Spotlight Nicole

Meet GoShare customer Nicole and learn why she loves using GoShare to book moving and delivery help on demand.

Nicole: I’m Nicole L. I am the owner of and I work with companies like San Diego Venture Group and AdAstra Ventures.

GoShare: What has been your experience with GoShare?

Nicole: So I was helping out some friends with a wedding and I had planned on borrowing a friend’s truck. At the time of the event the friend’s truck ended up with an axle on the ground and I was in a panic mode. So I just kinda opened up the app and filled in what I needed. The guy was there right on time. He couldn’t have been better, he was so personable and just really, really nice, really easy to work with. It was a really seamless experience.

GoShare: How does GoShare compare to traditional services?

Nicole: I’ve rented, you know, a U-Haul here and a trailer there. Going to get the truck, you know the loading, hauling it, loading it up, unloading it; the points of effort that you don’t really think about, GoShare just solved and it was just handled, all of my plants were moved.

GoShare: What would you tell other who are thinking about using GoShare?

Nicole: It was great, it was easier than I would have even thought. For those times where you know you need an extra hand and an extra truck bed, absolutely! I wouldn’t really use anything else at this point. The immediacy of my need and how quick that was to be met, I don’t think I would have found that level of service with more traditional moving companies. I think that GoShare really, you know, in that kind of point of crisis was that really friendly helpful solution.