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Craigslist Las Vegas Delivery and Furniture Pickup

Are you looking into purchasing a stylish, new dining table on Craigslist Las Vegas, but have no clue on how to get that item from the seller to your home? GoShare is your friend with a truck! The GoShare app is your fast and affordable solution for on-demand delivery, connecting you with local delivery professionals who will help move and deliver your Craigslist or OfferUp items.

Getting a free estimate is simple, easy, and takes less than a minute. Download the GoShare app or use the website to get started. Begin by entering your pickup and drop off locations, as well as item details.

If you have a picture of the item, upload it for the delivery professional to view. Depending on the size and number of items being moved, you can request one or two delivery professionals with a pickup truck, cargo van, or box truck. 

All professionals in GoShare’s network have passed strict background checks and vehicle inspections. Plus, every delivery is secured by GoShare’s comprehensive insurance policy.  

If you approve the estimate, you can place your order. Your project details will be sent out in real-time to our network of local Las Vegas delivery professionals. The majority of projects are accepted in under two minutes.

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Why Choose GoShare for Craigslist Las Vegas Delivery?

When shopping on Craigslist Las Vegas, you’ll find an array of amazing deals for traditional and modern items. But, unlike a retail furniture warehouse, a fleet of delivery trucks won’t be readily available for your purchase. If you lack a truck or a friend with a truck willing to help out, you may struggle to figure out an alternative solution.

One consideration is to hire a delivery driver off of a Craigslist ad or Yelp posting. Isn’t it convenient to use the same platform that you purchased your item from to find someone to move it as well?

Unfortunately, booking someone off Craigslist or Yelp opens you up to a list of negative outcomes. These contractors don’t guarantee their work and are uninsured in case of damaged goods. Even worse, criminals and scammers frequently roam the Craigslist platform in an attempt to steal and defraud.

One family in Georgia found themselves victim of a Craigslist scam when thieves disguising as movers drove off with a moving truck stored with the family’s belongings and stole everything they owned (learn more about Craigslist scams and how to protect yourself here).

It’s possible to decline to purchase a used coffee table if the picture was hiding stains or damage. But, a delivery person can damage or steal your item, leaving you unable to recoup your lost value.

GoShare is a safe, affordable option for Las Vegas Craigslist delivery. You aren’t dealing with an unknown person off of an anonymous online advertisement. GoShare’s delivery pros are background checked and must maintain high customer ratings. When you use GoShare, a clear estimate will be given. Since you’ll be able to track the status of your delivery and pay in the app or online, there’s no need to pull out extra cash. Don’t worry about a mishap during your delivery as your project is backed by our cargo insurance policy. 

You can schedule GoShare’s Delivery Professionals in advance, or request their assistance in less than half an hour. Delivery pros are readily available for work, including evenings and weekends. GoShare is also suitable for retail delivery, apartment moves, and junk hauling.

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Tips and Hints for Shopping on Craigslist Las Vegas

Craigslist Las Vegas is a fantastic community resource. Craigslist and apps like OfferUp facilitate peer-to-peer selling, where individuals are able to list and sell their items directly to other individuals. 

Like a jam-packed marketplace, Craigslist Las Vegas hosts a wide variety of new and used furniture, handmade pieces, artwork, and much more.

Check out our previous blog posts to see our top tips for purchasing on Craigslist and protecting yourself from Craigslist scammers.