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Need To Haul Furniture But Don’t Have A Truck? There’s An App For That

Check out this interview on CBS Los Angeles with GoShare CEO Shaun Savage and Driver Andrew Parker.


Jeff Vaughn: If you’ve ever needed to move or haul something but don’t have a truck or a pickup or a friend with one, you know how frustrating it can be. Now there’s a brand new alternative. CBS2’s Craig Herrera shows you a brand new app that helps you out while helping others make money.

Craig: Load it, strap it down, and deliver it.

LA Resident: I think it would be a great option for people.

Craig: The app is called GoShare, and it just launched in L.A. The standard delivery rate: 99 cents per minute.

Andrew: A lot of ours has been furniture store fronts, all the way through to estate sales, all the way to lumber and hauling dirt.

Craig: Here’s how it works. Shop at a store like Landon Cole Furniture. Tell GoShare where you want to go. Snap a picture of what you want to move, and enter how much you think it weighs. Pick a truck, van, or SUV and pick a delivery date and time or ASAP.

Shaun: We can usually get a driver there within 30 to 45 minutes.

Craig: All GoShare drivers are insured.

Shaun: We have supplemental insurance on top of that to protect all the items that we’re carrying for customers.

Craig: And all go through background checks.

Shaun: National check, local check, driving history check, and we do terrorist watch list and sex offender watch list as well.

Craig: Hundreds of drivers have already signed up.

Laura: This really ends opening up a whole market of people to be able to drive and be able to contribute to the economy.

Andrew: It’s a couple extra bucks you’re getting. Drivers get a good bang for their buck, and I think the customer does too, so it works really well on both sides.

Craig: And it’s all at your fingertips. In the Fairfax District, Craig Herrera CBS2 News.

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