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The Best Moving Apps of 2017

The Best Moving Apps of 2017

Moving can be stressful, overwhelming, and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are dozens of apps constantly being created to help make your life easier including apps that help you do everything from preparing and packing to picking a moving company. Check out these 5 moving apps that can help make your move easy, convenient and inexpensive.


Although Wunderlist has many uses beyond moving, it can make your life a lot easier when you’re starting the moving process. You can make shopping lists, to-do lists, and set reminders. Wunderlist is also great for collaborating with your family, roommates, or whoever might be moving with you. You can share lists with them and work collaboratively to conquer your to-do lists more efficiently. For our Type A readers out there, you can even specifically assign certain tasks to people to really ensure things get done by the deadline you set. Available on iPhone and Android.


Renting a truck is so 2001. In today’s on-demand world you can get a truck with a mover on demand. You can choose the number of people you need to help you, the size of the truck/van you need, and the day/time you want it. You can schedule with GoShare ahead of in advance or if you are a procrastinator you can order and have a GoShare delivery professional at your door with a truck in less than an hour! GoShare drivers will help deliver furniture, haul junk or move your entire apartment. If you have things that you’re getting rid of during your move, GoShare can also pick up those items and donate for you. Available on iPhone and Android.


Want to get to know your new neighbors and stay up to date with the neighborhood happenings? Nextdoor is like a private Facebook page with your neighbors. Whether you’re trying to find real estate listing,  stay in the loop in the case of a robbery nearby, or find recommendations for local movers, Nextdoor makes connecting with your neighbors easier than ever! It’s secure too; only people that live in your neighborhood can sign in to your specific group and each member has to verify their address before they’re accepted into the group. NextDoor was created to help make neighborhoods and their communities stronger and safer. Available on iPhone and Android.


Usually, when it comes time to move homes, you realize you have a lot of things that you don’t necessarily need or want anymore. So, instead of wasting time and money taking it all with you, download OfferUp and make money! OfferUp is an online platform and app where you can sell your unwanted things, from your old couch to your kids’ toys. Just post a picture and description of the item you want to sell and the price you want for it, then people in your area will see it in their feed and make an offer on it if they want it. Once you find a buyer, you can easily set up pick-up/drop-off through the app’s messaging feature. Once you sell all of your unwanted stuff, you’ll only be left with the things you really need and want, which will make your move much easier. Available on iPhone and Android.


Hate how it’s almost impossible to move without losing something? So do the people who created Sortly, the app that helps you easily keep track of what you own and where it is. Sortly lets you create a visual inventory of all the things you own. All you have to do is take a quick photo of each item, save them to specifically named folders you create, and then you can categorize your items by box, location, or whatever other way you want. You also have the option to add a monetary value or notes to each item. Sortly even has a QR code feature, which allows you to mark your boxes with QR code labels that you can scan with the Sortly app to see what’s inside! Finally, to make your move even easier, there’s a moving checklist feature built into the app so you can stay on track with everything that needs to get done up until moving day! Available on iPhone and Android.

We hope you find these moving apps helpful for your next move. Whether you need help moving furniture, organizational help, or a way to buy sell used household goods these free moving apps can make your move easy and efficient!