GoShare Delivery Pro Missing Payment Form - GoShare

GoShare Delivery Professional Payment Request

If it has been more than a week since you completed a project and your payment is missing please fill out the form below to let us know so that we can get you paid as soon as possible. In some cases, we may send you a missing payment through Paypal or Zelle (through our bank, Chase). These are cases where the automated direct deposit payment did not work and we will need to issue you a manual payment.


If a customer disputes the time of service or other fees that a Delivery Professional has submitted to GoShare, the payment to Delivery Professional may be withheld pending the outcome of an investigation by GoShare to determine if the fees are appropriate. If the customer refuses to pay fees over and above the estimated amount, GoShare will investigate to determine if the fees submitted by the Delivery Professional are accurate. If GoShare determines that the fees are accurate GoShare will attempt to collect any fees owed by the customer. In cases where the full fees cannot be collected, GoShare will payout to Delivery Professional(s) at least 80% of the Authorized Amount collected from the customer at the time of booking. The Authorized Amount will equal $100 or the estimated delivery fees (whichever is greater) as determined by GoShare and agreed to by the customer before they request a Delivery Professional.