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Vehicle Inspection Video Instructions

Self-made vehicle inspection videos must demonstrate the functionality of every item on the inspection checklist.

Open Checklist for Self-Inspection Video

It is required you check that all of the items on the above checklist are working before you begin filming. You must clearly and visibly demonstrate in the video that all of the features on the list are in working order. You will be asked to resubmit a new video if the inspection is incomplete. Having to re-do an inspection video is the #1 reason for delays in getting onboard with GoShare. Prior to creating your vehicle inspection video, watch both of the sample inspection videos below so you know EXACTLY what is required in your video. These were submitted by previous Delivery Professionals who quickly moved through the onboarding process.

Example Video 1:

Example Video 2 (Box Trucks):

Once you have completed your inspection video you should upload it to YouTube and then upload the link to the video on your GoShare account. Privacy settings must be set to Public or Unlisted. Do not set videos to “Private”, as we will not be able to see them. Do not email the video. (For a tutorial on how to post a video on YouTube click here).